A folder on the desktop disappeared, how to retrieve it?


A folder placed on the desktop is missing, although what is in the folder, specifically do not remember, but there is an Excel file, the file content is my own summary of some learning knowledge content, the content is quite a lot, and then re-aggregate is not an easy thing to think, can you find a free recovery software to try to recover out, looking for a lot of software, now the title is written free, but after scanning out to guide you to charge hundreds of annual cards.

The specific how to lose, already do not remember too much, may be one day the brain is not too sober, it deleted the file to the recycle bin, and then because the recycle bin content is too much, it cleaned up the recycle bin. It took a long time to remember that my files were gone? Because it is their own hard work and learning process, their own summary of the contents of the collation, lost really strange pity. An EXCEL has more than one tab content. Still hope to be able to recover the file through some recovery software to get back. But a lot of software is required to spend money to buy the year, but for us this accidental event, in order to operate a low probability of the event to spend hundreds of really not worth it.

Using Airy data recovery software scanned out the files, because the preview may not see the full picture, looking like the files I need, and more full-featured, because it may be scanned out a lot of hidden software, the content is relatively large, but fortunately Airy is more full-featured, can be fuzzy search by field, but also by type for a wide range of preservation, but also can record the progress of the scan, save the next scan time, can really save a lot of time after the accidental loss, but the specific files have not been recovered operation