A simple tutorial on for how to use the vlookup function[Win11 Solutions]

10 2021-08-19 18:30

  Excel has less data, but generally we have to deal with a large amount of data, such as thousands old hard drive can access recovery but the country still of rows in a table. At this time, we need to find out some of the same column content and return the old western digital external drive 2006 cable to recover dat a row content. How to operate.That is to use the vlookup function to achieve, this function is often on recovery page for usb drive which category to pick used when processing large amounts of data, can do more with half the effort, let us reduce the time once you format a hard drive can data be recovered to process large amounts of data.

  So many people will not use this function, here is the easiest oph usb booting windows password recovery for windows 7 way to understand.

  1. First of all, the format of this function is: VLOOKUP (search target, search os x 10 12 sierra bootable usb install recovery medi a range, number of columns of return value, exact OR fuzzy search)

  That is to say, when processing partition guru file recovery not available when booting from usb data, we need to enter VLOOKUP() in the excel function box, and then fill in four data in parentheses, partition harddrive nad install windows on mac from recovery mode pay attention to the order and return to the searched content.

  2. The following example, for pin not working windows 10 startup usb recovery after update example, look up the age of the person with the same name in Table 1 and return it to Table 2. The please insert a recovery usb stick or sd card chromebook method is as follows

  Because the names in Table 1 are the same as those in Table 2, and the sorting price of recovering data from hard drive with mechanical failure is different, we need to use the VLOOKUP function to display the age or gender behind the same name, problem recovering pc when using usb flash recover windows 10 instead of manually filtering.

  We only need to enter =VLOOKUP(A13,$B$2:$D$8,3,0) in the first cell problem recovering pc when using usb flash recovery windows 10 under age in Table 2, which means to find the content of cell A13 as the target, in the table range ps4 not starting up asking for recovery through external storage from B2 to D8 Search here, return the contents of the third column in the range, the third column purchased office but new hard drive installed how to recover is the age, then 0 is the exact search, 1 is the fuzzy search.

  3. Then it returns to a man named put your hard drive in the freezer to recover dat a Zhao Min whose age is 21

  4. To return the ages of other people in Table 2 only need to drag the box recommendations hard drive data recovery san francisco east bay are a in the lower right corner of the B13 cell where the function has been filled in and drop it down. recover a hard drive that is asking to be formated This will fill in the ages found by different names. If they are not found in Table 1. Those with the recover a hard drive that is asking to be formatted same name will return a #N/A, indicating that the content was not found.

  Summary: It is easy to recover activation key from lost hard drive using command prompt understand the usage of VLOOKUP in this way. Note that each parameter in the function is separated by recover adnroid phone files using usb c with borken screen lowercase and number, and the parentheses are also lowercase. Don't use uppercase. Of course, VLOOKUP recover chrome from old hard drive dont see bookmarks bak has more complicated ones. Usage, you can figure it out a lot in use, I believe that good use will recover corrupted files external hard drive mac for free youtube make your work more efficient and fast. This function is suitable for any version of excel, including recover data from a corrupted external hard drive for free wps.