Apacer Black Knight AH325 Phison Master Control Detailed Mass Production Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-19 18:20

  Advantages of mass production of external drives:

  1.Security: After processing, the area where can data be recovered from formatted hard drive the disc on the external hard drive is located is completely unwritable, and partitions and viruses can data be recovered from smashed hard drives can't be destroyed!(If you accidentally introduce a virus in the process of handling the external hard can data be recovered if hard drive crashes drive, it is also super stubborn!)

  2.Good compatibility: Due to the differences in the USB-HDD can data be recovery from unallocated hard drive and USB-ZIP processing methods of the motherboards of various manufacturers, the USB boot disk made can data om deleted hard drive be recovered by the conventional method is often usable on this computer, but it fails to boot on another computer.This can deleted emails be recovered from hard drive problem does not exist in USB-CDROM mode.Of course, new things need to be verified and can deleted files be recovered from hard drive improved.

  3.Completely solve the problem of the hard disk letter confusion after the conventional external can geek squad recover data from hard drive hard drive is booted.

  4.Compared with the CD, the startup speed is faster.All computers now support can i copy my recovery partition to usb USB 2.Start in 0 mode, start WINPE to the desktop within one minute.

  5.It can satisfy some can i copy recovery partition to bootable usb people's almost abnormal DIY complex, of course. It can only be temporarily relieved, and can't be cured, can i copy recovery usb to another usb and terminally ill.!

  6.After mass production, the external drive will only light up when it is can i create a windows 10 recovery usb being read, and it will not light up normally.This is not a "good", but I like it.

  Disadvantages can i create boot usb from recovery cd of mass production of external drives:

  1.Not all external hard drives are available, depending on can i get a free windows recovery usb whether the external hard drive master chip manufacturer provides mass production tools with this can i make a windows 7 recovery usb function.I believe there will be more and more in the future.There are not many Kingston external drives, can i make an hp system recovery usb so the symbolic meaning of this article is greater than the actual meaning, mainly to provide a can i perform recovery on an external drive way of thinking.

  2.At present, the bootable CD downloaded from the Internet does not take this boot can i recover a crashed external hard drive method into consideration, and some errors may occur after booting, although the probability is very can i recover data after formatting hard drive small.

  3.After processing ChipGenius v3.01 can't view the external hard drive information (ID), can i recover data from broken wmd harddrive and many boot disk creation software can't recognize the external hard drive.

  4.The USB driver under can i recover data from clicking hard drive DOS may not support the processed external hard drive (but you can use it after booting from the can i recover data from external hard drive external hard drive), WIN PE is no problem.

  Let's take Apacer's Black Knight external hard drive can i recover data from formatted hard drive as a column to show you my mass production process.

  First release the chip test results and read and can i recover data from internal hard drive write speed graphs before mass production

  The writing speed is not very good, right .