Why does solid state drive cause CPU temperature to rise [Win11 Solutions]

39 2021-08-19 17:40

  I believe that after you have tasted the benefits of solid state drives, you are not used to whether how to use easy recovery essentials usb you are used to old computers or newly configured computers will load SSDs. The advantages are how to use fonepaw data recovery external self-evident, it can let your computer exert the maximum performance.But I believe someone who has how to use geek squad recovery usb noticed that the CPU temperature has become higher after installing a solid-state drive in the computer. how to use hp bios recovery usb What is the reason.Let's test this problem with an actual computer to find out the cause of the how to use hp media recovery usb problem and whether it needs a solution.

  Is the solid state drive a heat source that will increase how to use hp recovery media usb the temperature of the CPU.This is obviously not the case. In the disassembly layout of the notebook, how to use hp stream recovery usb it can be seen that the hard disk position and the CPU position are not together, and the power how to use lenovo recovery key usb consumption of the solid-state hard disk is much lower than the CPU and graphics card in the notebook, how to use lenovo recovery usb key so who is the CPU temperature? The culprit?

  Let's use Toshiba Q300 240G solid state hard drive and how to use lenovo thkinkpad recovery usb a Western Digital mechanical hard drive to do some testing and analysis, and explain the cause of how to use msi burn recovery usb abnormal phenomenon that the CPU temperature will increase after installing SSD.

  First look at the how to use recovery from usb xp PC Mark 8 storage test results of two hard drives:

  Toshiba Q300 240G: 4898 points, storage bandwidth how to use recovery media on usb 188.34MB/s

  Western Digital mechanical hard disk: 2045 points, storage bandwidth 6.92MB/s

  Wait, how to use recovery usb stick dell didn't you mean to explain why installing an SSD might increase the CPU temperature.What can I see how to use recovery usb windows 10 from these performance comparisons?Let me speak slowly~ In the above two screenshots of the PC Mark how to use recovery usb windows 7 8 storage test results, if you look closely, you will find an interesting detail. The curve on the how to use recovery usb windows 8 right side of the picture contains Temperature information. Have you found the Toshiba Q300 solid-state how to use recovery usb windows 8.1 drive test? The temperature in the result is always higher than the temperature in the test result how to use the dell recovery usb of Western Digital's mechanical hard disk?

  The above picture shows only the CPU temperature how to use toshiba recovery media usb change record within 1 minute after the PC Mark 8 storage test just started, but the CPU temperature is how to use usb recover partition hp higher than the mechanical hard disk during the operation of the solid state drive. This phenomenon how to use usb recovery windows 10 does not only occur at the beginning, but at the beginning. Throughout the testing process.This test how to use win 8 recovery usb of mine is not actually carried out on a laptop, but at a frequency of 4.Running on a 5Ghz i5 6600 how to use windfows 10 recovery usb K desktop computer, even the desktop computer can find the CPU temperature change, so it is not how to use windows 10 recovery usb difficult to understand that the CPU temperature can be seen high on a notebook with a much poorer heat how to use windows 7 recovery usb dissipation condition.

  Specific to a single PC Mark 8 test project to analyze, the first is the Wow how to use windows 8 recovery usb loading process:

  CPU temperature record during mechanical disk test:

  CPU temperature record how to use windows 8.1 recovery usb during the test of Toshiba Q300 240G:

  Although the CPU temperature is higher when using the Q300, the how to use windows usb recovery drive loading is completed faster, shortening from 141 seconds for the mechanical disk to 58.9 seconds.

how to.recover a xbox one hard drive   The loading process of Battlefield 4:

  CPU temperature record during mechanical disk test:

  CPU how too recover a bad hard drive temperature record during the test of Toshiba Q300 240G:

  Although the CPU temperature is higher how top use windows 10 recovery usb when using the Q300, the loading is completed faster. From the 386 of the mechanical disk.6 seconds how use recovery off a usb drive reduced to 134.5 seconds.

  Test process of Word office:

  CPU temperature record during mechanical hp 11 n010dx bios recovery from usb disk test:

  CPU temperature record during the test of Toshiba Q300 240G:

  Although the CPU temperature hp 15 f100dx recovery bad hard drive is higher when using the Q300, the Q300 completes all tasks faster, starting from the 51.5 seconds hp 20 c34 recovery hard drive replacement reduced to 28.6 seconds.

  The CPU temperature becomes higher after installing the solid-state drive hp 290 a0030 recovery usb factory replace because the solid-state drive eliminates the bottleneck of the hard drive system. The CPU does not hp bang and olufsen laptop recovery usb need to stop frequently and wait for the hard drive to read or write data, but can continuously hp bio recovery usb program not creating maintain high-speed operation, making the whole machine more efficient. At the same time, the shortening hp bios update and recovery usb maker of the CPU calculation interval leads to an increase in heat per unit time. This is actually a hp cloud recovery no usb devices connected good thing, because the overall operating efficiency of the computer has improved.

  In fact, in the hp create recovery media external hard drive PC Mark 8 storage test, PC Mark 8 only simulates playback of the program's read and write operations hp create usb recovery from another pc on the hard disk, and does not have the load of the actual program work operation. It only issues hp f018dx bios recovery usb flash drive instructions for the hard disk to perform read and write operations.In the actual use environment, hp hard drive failure recoving windows 10 applications have to process more logical operations in addition to reading or writing data. The increase hp laptop 14t windows usb boot recovery in heat generation is also due to the increased efficiency, the CPU can do more per unit time, and hp laptop recovery usb windows 10 2019 the design of the notebook has been Taking into account the heating factor, even if the roaster hp laptop remove recovery hard drive dat a software allows the CPU to work at full load for a long time, it will not cause instability, so there hp laptop won't boot with usb recovery is no need to worry about it.

  Therefore, we do not need to make any changes, nor do we need to go hp mini 210 2000 recovery usb download to special cooling treatment, in fact, the overall speed of our computer has become faster, this hp mini bios crisis recovery usb download little cpu temperature rise does not have any impact on the use.