Six major issues that need special attention in external hard drive mass production[Win11 Solutions]

58 2021-08-19 17:20

  1. Tool version: There are many versions of the mass production tools for each master control make a recovery usb for surface 2 solution. It is best to use ChipGenius or the chip worry-free tool to check the master control before make a system recovery usb windows 7 mass production. Choose the version of the mass production tool and precautions according to the master make a usb recovery disk windows 10 control.When downloading the mass production tool, carefully read the instructions written by the make a usb recovery disk windows 7 publisher.Sometimes mass production fails, you can change to another version and try again.

  2. make a usb windows 10 recovery disk Device conflict: Unplug all other USB devices before mass production, otherwise conflicts may sometimes make a windows 10 bootable recovery usb occur.For example, USB hubs, card readers, USB mice, etc., when mass-produced external drives and make a windows 10 password recovery usb these USB devices are in the same set of ports, conflicts will occur, and sometimes the successful make a windows 10 recovery usb drive mass-produced external drives can't start the computer.The solution is to plug in another USB port.

   make a windows 10 recovery usb lenovo 3. Driver problem: There are a lot of USB devices now, and many of them have to install their own make a windows 10 recovery usb online drivers, which will also cause conflicts in hardware drivers.For example, USBest, Anguo and other mass make a windows 7 recovery usb drive production tools will install their own drivers when they are used, so as to complete the bottom make a windows 8 1 recovery usb reading and writing of the external hard drive.If there are other USB device drivers in the computer make asus laptop recovery usb from dvd at this time, it may cause the installation to fail.The solution is to reinstall the operating system make asus rog recovery usb from dvd or try another computer

  4. Operating system: Because the reading and writing of mass production make bootable recovery usb foracbook kn windows tools need to involve hardware, so try not to use a streamlined version of the system, and do not use make bootable recovery usb windows 8 1 new systems such as Windows 7 (it will improve over time).It is best to use a 32-bit operating system make bootable usb from dell recovery partition such as WinXP.When mass production, administrator rights are required; there are also network make bootable usb from mac recovery partition protocols that need to be installed for the Phison program.

  5. Antivirus software: It is best to turn make bootable usb from recovery partition mac off antivirus monitoring before mass production, because some mass production tools will be reported make mac os recovery usb on windows as viruses by antivirus, otherwise mass production will fail.There are successful cases of mass make usb recovery disk for windows 10 production after members shut down Kingsoft Internet Security.

  6. USB port: don't use USB1.1 port, make usb recovery disk from damaged hdd mass production tools like Phison can't be connected to USB1.1 mass production.Do not use a USB extension make usb system recovery disk windows 7 cable, try to plug the external hard drive directly into the USB port of the motherboard