external hard drive Knowledge Common external hard drive Encryption Methods[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-19 16:40

  Here is an introduction to the common external hard drive encryption methods nowadays.Everyone can replace hard drive recover windows 10 take a look., Maybe there is a little help, the most important thing is to popularize external hard replace hard drive windows 10 recovery drive encryption knowledge. USB home

  The compactness, convenience and speed of the external drive rescue recovery mac live cd usb has made it the preferred tool for office workers. We can use the external drive for data backup and reset lenovo recovery usb creator download mutual copying. However, the issue of data security has also attracted the attention of the public. restart hp pavilion from recovery usb So some people will choose to buy an encrypted external drive to ensure data security.Today, the restore pc from usb recovery drive editor will introduce to you several types of external hard drive encryption currently on the market. restore windows 10 from recovery usb

  1. Home of fake encrypted external hard drive

  This type of encrypted external drive is not restore windows 8.1 from recovery usb encrypted in the true sense. You only need to use a password cracking tool to read the data that is not restore windows from usb recovery drive on the external drive, and the security is relatively poor.

  2. Home of Soft Encrypted external restoring windows 8.1 from recovery usb hard drive

  Soft encryption refers to the encryption of the contents of the external drive through retrieve corrupted files from hard drive the built-in or attached software. The general algorithm used is AES. This method can eliminate the retrieve ddlete files on hard drive shortcomings of the fake encryption that the external drive data can be read by cracking the password retrieve deleted file from hard drive tool, but the encryption process requires It is done on the PC side, so there is still a security retrieve deleted files from external drive risk of intercepted passwords.

  3. The home of hardware encryption external drives

  Hardware encryption retrieve deleted files from hard drive refers to encryption through the control chip inside the external drive, which can realize retrieve deleted files from usb cmd real-time encryption. The entire encryption process is completed inside the external drive. The advantage retrieve deleted files from usb drive of this method is that the security level is high, but a special hardware encryption and decryption retrieve deleted files from usb free chip is required for encryption. , The cost will be higher.

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