How to solve How to open the partition of the External external hard drive and prompt it is not formatted[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-19 16:30

  After using the mobile hard disk for a long time, there will be some minor problems, such as the wd my passport 1tb external hard disk recovery software problem that the partition of the mobile hard disk can't be opened and the prompt is not formatted. wd my passport hard click of death drive recovery This kind of problem is more common, so how to solve it? If there is no important data, of course you wd my passport hard drive recovery software windows 10 can directly Format to restore, but if you have important data, you have to restore the data first wd recover data from damaged hard drive micro center and then format the operation, let's teach you.

  1. Have important data

  In the case of important wdr hard drive software and repair recovery hard drive data, if the user is prompted to format the mobile hard disk without formatting, it will be over, and wdr hard drive software and repair recovery hard drives all the data inside have been formatted, so we try to recover the data on the mobile hard disk by were to recover pictures from a laptop hard drive ourselves, but it is also It may not be restored, the method is:

  First insert the hard disk into western digital external hard drive recovery software free download another computer, and then use the easyrecovery software installed on the master disk to scan this western digital external hard drives data recovery tool recommendation partition of the slave disk.In this way, the operation from the disk can repair the failure of the bad western digital my book external hard drive data recovery sectors of the disk to recover the data.

  If the mobile hard disk is powered on, it will aggravate what do i need to recover hard drive dat a bad sectors and cause the problem of unrecoverable data. If the data is important, it is recommended what does the government use to recover hard drives to take a professional repair place to recover the data.So as not to cause your loss.Don't mess what file format usb recovery flash drive windows 10 with any repair software, it will also cause the possibility of data loss.

  2. No important data

  If what format for win10 recovery disk on usb thunmbstick there is no important data, we can format it directly. It is recommended to use the disk manager what format should the windows 10 recovery usb have that comes with the system to format it.The operation is as follows:

  1. First, right-click "My what is a recovery partision on my hard drive Computer", click "Manage", click "Disk Management", you can find all partitions of your computer on the what is hard drive recovery for toshiba windows 7 right window, as shown in the figure.

  2. Right-click the partition to be merged, click "Delete Logical what is hard drive rescue data recovery services meaning Drive", a warning message will pop up, click "Yes".as the picture shows:

  3. Perform the "delete what is recover without changing the hard drive partitions logical drive" operation on the partitions that need to be merged according to the method in step what is the best data recovery software for usb two.

  4. Now these deleted partitions have become a large partition, which will turn black at this what is the best free hard drive recovery software time, but you can only see that the storage can't be used.

  5. Finally, right-click the black what is the best hard drive data recovery software partition, click New, you can select the capacity you want (it will become a large partition if you press what is the cost of hard drive data recovery the default value), select the next step, remember to check "NTFS format" and "Quick format".The what is the difference between powerwash and usb recovery mobile hard disk can be restored to the hard disk space.