[Fixed] external hard drive virus cannot be cleaned [Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-19 16:20

  With the need for external drives in modern society, more and more external drives have entered install windows xp recovery console usb people's eyes. external drives are small and convenient. However, external drives have also developed, installing windows 10 from recovery usb and some external drives are basically unkillable. of.No matter how you kill it, it won't be clean, installing windows off a usb recovery and there is no way to format it. Even though you kill the virus, it will appear in the external intel education administrator usb recovery tool drive again. USB home

  It's a headache.Now I will introduce the method to everyone, I hope it will be internal and external hemorrhoid surgery recovery useful to everyone. USB home

  The following methods can be used to kill viruses:

  1. Use anti-virus internal and external hemorrhoidectomy post recovery software to scan and kill the external hard drive, such as Baidu anti-virus, Xiao Hong Umbrella, internal and external hemorrhoidectomy surgery recovery Kaspersky and other anti-virus software.Of course, there are a lot of antivirus software for external internal and external triggers in recovery hard drive on this site. See if you need it. USB home

  2. Format the external hard drive, this internal hard drive data recovery software method can eliminate non-stubborn viruses to a certain extent.You may have tried this method, but the internal hard drive unallocated recover dat a effect is not great.

  3. Find the mass production tool corresponding to the external hard drive and iomega 1tb external hard drive recovery perform mass production operation. This operation can fundamentally remove virus files.If you are iomega external hard disk data recovery looking for mass production tools, there are many mass production tools in the USB home.You can iomega external hard drive data recovery download it according to your needs. USB home

  If the above method still does not work, you can use the iomega external hard drive file recovery following method. USB home

  It is not clean because the virus in the external hard drive is already iomega external hard drive recovery software running.After you kill the virus in the external hard drive, it will create another one.It is iomega external hard drive recovery tools possible that there is also a virus in the hard disk.It won't work.Tell you the method: Home of USB

  1. iomega hard drive recover deleted files You control the external hard drive virus first, and it will run automatically without plugging it iomega zip usb drive click recovery in. USB home

  Manual method: start-run-CMD.Enter the command: external hard drive Home

  h: (for iphone destroyed can't use usb recovery example, the h drive is the one to be immunized) external hard drive Home

  md autorun.inf (if the file iphone hard drive recovery water damage already exists, delete it first del autorun.inf)