How to solve the External external hard drive parameter error tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-19 16:00

  What if you suddenly encounter the problem that the mobile hard disk can't be opened, and the can i copy recovery usb to another usb parameter error pops up directly.Don't panic at this time, don't format the mobile hard disk, follow the can i create a windows 10 recovery usb operation below to repair, not only can save the data, but also repair the problem itself.

  Method can i create boot usb from recovery cd one, repair logical bad area

  1. Click Start-Run in the lower left corner, or use the shortcut key can i get a free windows recovery usb WIN+R to open the run window, and then enter cmd to open the dos window.

  2. Then enter the command can i make a windows 7 recovery usb in the dos window: chkdsk H: /f (H is the drive letter of the portable hard disk I am using, if can i make an hp system recovery usb yours is another drive letter, enter the correct one, such as G drive and I drive)

  3. Then it will can i perform recovery on an external drive automatically repair the logical bad area of the mobile hard disk, and there will be a prompt when the can i recover a crashed external hard drive repair is successful.

  Then we go to open the mobile hard drive to see if it is okay.

  Method can i recover data after formatting hard drive two, use diskgenius to solve

  1. Download the diskgenius professional software, then open it, plug in can i recover data from broken wmd harddrive the mobile hard disk, select the mobile hard disk on the left side of the software, do not select can i recover data from clicking hard drive the local hard disk, click the tool at the top of the software-search for lost partitions (rebuild the can i recover data from external hard drive partition table), try to see if Can repair and retrieve all files and data.

  2. If there is no can i recover data from formatted hard drive recovery, continue to select the mobile hard disk, click-Hard Disk-Bad Sector Detection and Repair at can i recover data from internal hard drive the top of the software, then click Start Detection, wait for the scan to succeed, and then click to can i recover data from my hard drive try to repair the bad sectors. this problem.

  If it is a bad sector problem, after repairing the can i recover data from ps3 hard drive bad sector successfully, the mobile hard disk can basically be opened.

  3. If the above methods are can i recover data from unreadable hard drive unsuccessful, then we will first restore the data and then format the mobile hard disk to solve it, can i recover files after formatting hard drive so first restore the data. The operation method is to open diskgenius, select the partition of the can i recover files after formatting usb drive mobile hard disk, and click -Tools- File recovery after deleted or formatted

  Then choose to restore can i recover files after i format usb the files of the entire partition and click Start.

  Then there is a long wait, waiting for the can i recover files from a lost usb recovery to succeed, just export all the data in the mobile hard disk found to the local hard disk.

  4 can i recover files from formatted hard drive . After the data is retrieved, we can click diskgenius to format the partition of the mobile hard can i recover files from wiped hard drive disk, which generally solves this problem.

  Summary: Use the above methods to try one by one, generally can i recover infromation from old hard drive can solve the problem of mobile hard disk parameter error, the actual measurement is the most can i recover mac hard drive with enclosure effective, and the tools used are also the most efficient, and the repair and recovery capabilities are can i recover my data from hard drive also the strongest.