Was it pitted or improperly operated to reveal the mystery of the slowdown of solid state SSDs[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-19 15:50

  Recently, netizens have concentrated on the problem of slowing down. The number of problems described best recovery software for external hard drive free is beyond imagination, and people have to admire the complexity of SSD technology and the brilliance best recovery software for formatted external hard drive of the manufacturers. This corresponds to the old Chinese saying: "Buy is not as good as sell." best recovery tool for old hard drive dat a.At the same time, SSD manufacturers complain of grievances, so many reasons at most are related to best recovery tool for toshiba external hard drive them.Whether it's the netizen's improper operation or the manufacturer cheating the netizen, today best software recover damaged files from hard drive we will uncover the mystery.

  Cheating is everywhere revealing the mystery of the slowdown of solid best software to recover corrupted files from external state SSDs

  The problem of hard disk slowdown originated from Western Digital hard drives. At that best software to recover files from hard drive time, Western Digital dared to apply 4K advanced formatting technology first. Unfortunately, Western best software to recover formatted external hard drive Digital did not eat the crab, but caused the crab's large tongs to be swollen and painful.

  Western best software to recover hard drive data imac Digital Green Disk WD10EARS purchased by netizens

  Netizens report WD10EARS 1T green disk slowdown best usb flash drive recovery software site reddit.com problem

  Netizens use Western Digital WD10EARS green disk as the main disk.Due to the misalignment best way to recover data from hard drive of 4K, the speed of this Western Digital 1TB green disk is very serious, and the hard disk behaves best way to recover external hhd with ubuntu like a roller coaster, one after another.Its speed frequently drops to 0MB/sec, which is almost best western digital external hard drive recovery software stagnant.

  If mechanical hard drives have this problem, when it comes to SSD, it is not as simple as 1 bitlocker password recovery external hard drive microsoft account 0-20MB/s, but more than 200MB/s.It involves complex 4K alignment, and SSD also spawns new speed drops, bitlocker recovery now hard drive not showing up which makes netizens unpredictable.Below, we are about to take inventory and analysis of the bitlocker save recovery key to usb greyed out phenomenon of solid-state SSD slowdowns, to clarify the doubts for the majority of SSD users.

  I talked black screen asus vivobook usb recovery won't work about the 4K alignment problem of the Western Digital Green Disk.4K alignment is not only the fetters boot cd to recover files from hard drive of mechanical hard drives, but also a natural enemy.You must know that the performance of SSD is boot from dell windows 10 usb recovery drive 5 times that of mechanical hard disk, and the speed will drop to the end.First of all, we perform boot from device on usb recovery mode android noun analysis, what is advanced formatting:

  What is advanced format?

  Advanced formatting is the boot from live ubuntu usb to recover dat a name adopted by the International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association (IDEMA) for the new boot from usb recovery environment with usb drivers data structure format. It defines the growth order of the basic sector size used on the hard disk boot from usb to recover files windows 7 media.

  Note: Advanced format, also known as 4K advanced format, requires 4K alignment of hard disk boot hard drive is damaged how to recover sectors.

  4K advanced formatting instructions

  The 4K advanced format standard stipulates that the boot mac in recovery mode with usb drive sector size of the hard disk is migrated from the current 512 bytes to 4096 bytes (or 4K).This change boot mac in recovery mode with usb keyboard will improve formatting efficiency, which will help the hard disk industry provide higher capacity boot recovered mac hard drive in virtual machine while providing improved error correction capabilities.

  Of course, these are the benefits of 4K boot the pc to the usb recovery drive alignment. If the hard disk is not 4K aligned, what will be the result.

  4K misaligned SSD performance?

  We boot up from usb recovery drive windows 10 use Micron M4 128GB SSD and AS SSD software to conduct 4K alignment experiments.The author boot windows 10 from usb recovery drive error uses the partition software, selects 32K bytes, and then manually adjusts the "unit size" to 31K, this boot windows 7 from usb easy recovery essentials SSD can't be aligned with 4K immediately.As the 4K alignment operation method is more complicated, bootable image in a windows 10 recovery usb the author will explain the operation process in detail in the appendix on the last page of this bootable usb recovery drive not recognized in bios article, and I will cover it here first.

  Note that the green item 31K above the capacity in the upper booting computer from recovery usb windows 10 loop left corner-BAD is not aligned

  Note that the green item 1024K above the capacity in the upper booting from a windows 10 usb recovery drive left corner-OK is aligned

  We compare 4K misaligned and aligned Micron M4 128GB SSDs. The read/write bounceback emergency restart from usb backup recovery device speed gap between them is 100-200MB/s.The biggest difference is the 4K-64Thrd performance comparison, broken hard drive data recovery service in house that is, in the 4K byte-64 queue depth mode, the performance of the 4K misaligned Micron M4 128GB broken screen data recovery without usb debugging locked SSD is terrible.

  Comment: Some SSD manufacturers use asynchronous flash memory to reduce the cost broken screen phone data recovery without usb debugging of SSDs. Can 4K alignment really depend on netizens themselves.In fact, some hard disk manufacturers build bootable usb drive from windows recovery directory have developed the 4K automatic byte method and launched related series of products.

  Regrettably, build ubuntu on micro usb card with recovery these products are all mechanical hard drives. The magic is that no matter how you destroy its 4K burn recovery msi won't let me choose usb bytes, it can be repaired automatically.The high technical content of mechanical hard disks is by no ca ch s du ng usb recovery driver means comparable to the assembly industry of SSDs. It is impractical for SSD manufacturers to introduce cab a non spinning hard drive be recovered this technology.We hope that mechanical hard disk manufacturers can quickly produce household cable to recover data bad external hard drive SSDs and apply 4K automatic alignment technology.

  The IDE interface once dominated the hard disk can a corrupted external hard drive be recovered market before the rise of the SATA interface in 2003. At present, new motherboards are no longer equipped can a dead external hard drive be recovered with IDE interfaces, but motherboard manufacturers dare not take the IDE interface devices lightly can a formatted external hard drive be recovered and keep the IDE mode in the BIOS.This move can be described as endless troubles!Causes great can a hard drive be recovered after formatting distress to users and hard disk manufacturers.

  The strong vitality of IDE mode even motherboard can a recovery drive be a hard drive manufacturers dare not to take lightly