External external hard drive NTFS partition prompts unformatted data recovery[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-19 15:00

  It is a common phenomenon in the mobile hard disk data recovery that the NTFS partition of the data recovery tool for a harddrive mobile hard disk is not formatted, and this situation will cause data loss if the operation is improper. data recovery tool for usb drive Although the repair method is the simplest one in data recovery, it is not necessary to study this data recovery tools for internal harddrives article. It will cause irreparable losses. The following will teach you how to do it better. This data recovery tools for usb drives repair method is applicable to mobile hard drives, external drives or ordinary hard drives.

  The key data recovery toshiba laptop hard drive is that when the NTFS partition of the mobile hard disk prompts that the disk is not formatted, do data recovery transcend external hard disk not perform any operations (do not format). In the recovery operation, the NTFS partition is different data recovery unreadable external hard drive from the FAT32 partition. The following takes the NTFS partition as an example. Perform a restore data recovery usb drive free download operation.

  1. We double-click the mobile hard disk and it appears that the disk in drive G: is not data recovery usb drive free software formatted. Do you want to format it now.Prompt, click No.Next, we use winhex hard drive data recovery data recovery usb drive not formatted software to repair.

  2. Use the winhex tool to open the disk partition, first open the logical data recovery usb external hard drive drive G: the following prompt appears on the disk (can't open G: disk)

  3. After exiting, use winhex data recovery usb flash drive mac to open the physical disk HD1: enter the hexadecimal management.Tip: If you are not proficient in data recovery usb for usb c the operation, you must make a mirror backup of the data to avoid complete data loss.

  4. In the data recovery usb price in maryland opened interface, select partition 1 (the black triangle on the right) and click the open button.

  5. data recovery usb stick free mac The interface that appears at this time is the mobile hard disk NTFS partition prompting the disk data recovery usb stick mac os to be unformatted sector 0.We see all 00, which means that the DBR of the NTFS partition is damaged ( data recovery using usb flash drive so it will prompt that the NTFS partition of the mobile hard disk is not formatted). The repair is data recovery water damaged hard drive actually very simple. The DBR of the NTFS partition has a backup. In the last sector, we only need data recovery without usb debugging s7 Copy the DBR backed up by the last sector to sector 0 and overwrite it to repair the NTFS partition data recovery wizard hard drive recovery prompting that the disk is not formatted, so that the data will be intact.

  6. Now let's start the dead external hard disk data recovery operation. We see that the total number of sectors of the mobile hard disk is , so you can go directly dead external hard drive file recovery to the second-to-last sector. Click an arrow button in the menu and an interface will pop up. After dead external hard drive recover dat a finding the sector , confirm.

  7. Copy DBR in the last sector, operation steps: right-click on the dead hard disk drive data recovery first letter of the last sector, click the start button in the menu that appears, right-click on the dead hard drive data recovery services last letter of the sector, and click Click the end of block button in the menu.In this way, frame dead hard drive data recovery tools the last sector, right-click on the selected and changed color area, select the edit button in the dead hard drive recovery software free menu that appears, click on the copy selection menu, and select the standard button in the check box. dead hard drive recovery software majorgeeks Then the copy is completed, just copy Just reach sector 0.

  8. We switch to sector 0 and perform dead hard drive recovery tom& 39 the operation. The steps are: right-click on the first letter of sector 0 and select edit. In the dead portable hard drive data recovery dialog box, select the clipboard data button, and select the write button in the check box. The copy is dead usb flash drive data recovery complete, click the save button to save the changed partition DBR information.

  9. After all debian recovery mode usb not recognized operations are completed, after safely exiting the mobile hard disk, re-insert the mobile hard disk, check decrypt mac hard drive recovery mode the partition of the mobile hard disk and view the files inside.Intact, the NTFS partition of the deep data scan hard drive recovery mobile hard disk prompts that the recovery of unformatted data on the disk is complete.