Various solutions to if the disk is writeprotected[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-19 14:40

  What should I do if the external hard drive or hard disk or mobile hard disk is write-protected?The windows 10 system image recovery from external hard drive following solutions to the various disks after write protection, you can try them all, there is windows 10 system recovery disk usb some files missing always one that can solve your problem

  1.Go to the system directory C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers to see windows 10 system recovery usb does it contain key if there is an sptd.sys file.

  Delete it and restart.problem solved!Note: this sptd.sys is not windows 10 will not recognize usb for recovery create included with Microsoft Windows.(It may be installed by installing Daemon Tools, this method has a windows 10 with win 7 recovery usb from windows relatively high probability of solving)

  2. There is a mapped network drive in the system.Cause the drive windows 7 creat recovery usb from a recovery disk letter can't be assigned to the disk.

  Solution: Disconnect the mapped network drive.

  3.Drive windows 7 password recovery tool usb mydigital site letter is hidden.

  Solution: Enter the registry (regedit.exe), enter the "HEKY-CURRENT-USERSoftwaremicrosoftwindows windows 7 recover files from failing hard drive program currentversionpoliciesexplorer" branch.Find the key value "NOdrives" that exists in windows 7 recovery disk and repair disc download usb the path, and delete it.Log out and log in again. (Not NoDriveTypeAutoRun key value).

  4.The disk windows 7 recovery disk download 64 bit usb free is not formatted correctly

  Normal external hard drive is in HD (hard disk FAT16) format. If you use windows 7 recovery usb download free no product key external hard drive to start the program to change, the format of external hard drive may be windows 7 system image recovery from external hard drive incorrect.Please use PQ, PPM and other hard disk partition software to repartition;

  5.USB mobile storage windows 7 system recovery boot from usb flash drive device is disabled

  The solution is to enter regedit to open the registry editor and find the windows 7 system recovery disc onto usb flash drive following key value and change it to dword::

  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesusbehci] windows 7 system recovery usb flash drive not recognized "start"=dword:

  6.external hard drive problem (this kind of problem is the majority, because there windows 8 1 recovery disk download 64 bit usb are too many fake external hard drives)

  Solution: reformat the external hard drive.Best low-level windows 8 1 recovery drive does not recognize usb formatting, find a disk tool online.

  If it can't be formatted, it needs low format or mass windows 8 1 recovery usb not showing as bootable production to solve it. The method is as follows:

  1. Download the external hard drive chip detection windows 8 8.1 installation dvd usb or recovery disk tool "Chip Worry", and get the chip of the problem external hard drive;

  2. Search for low-level tools windows 8 recovery disk download 64 bit usb free or mass production tools for the chip, and download;

  Three, low format or mass production external windows file recovery recover files from formatted hard drive hard drive solution.

  7.Right-click "My Computer", select the "Manage" command in the pop-up windows password recovery tool 3 0 usb installer iso shortcut menu, enter the "Computer Management" window, expand "Storage/Removable Storage" in turn, and windows password recovery tool usb mac os x 10.9.5 click the "Disk Management" item. Side, you can see that the operating status of the external hard windows password reset data & system recovery boot usb drive is "good", which means that the disk is okay.Right-click the drive letter in this window and windows recovery disk not partitioning new hard drive properly select the "change drive name and path" command in the shortcut menu. In the dialog box that appears, windows recovery disk windows 10 does not find usb click the [Change] button to select an unused drive letter for it.Exit after confirming.Reopen "My windows recovery keeps downgrading my hard drive to 32gb Computer", the long-lost drive letter appears.

  There are two possibilities!

  First.Permission windows recovery usb windows 8 from a windows 10 problem, you are not an administrator user (very likely)

  second.Services and Group Policy are not turned windows recovery with system that cannot find hard drive on!

  The above problems are eliminated one by one. There is always one that is the key to the windows server recovery wizard usb drive not showing up write protection of your external hard drive. The problem of the write protection of the external hard windows system recovery usb windows 7 from windows 10 drive in the editor is the problem of the external hard drive. Finally, it is solved through mass windows xp recovery console does not detect hard drive production. I hope it can help you.