Windows 11 MTP USB driver can not be installed to solve the tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-19 13:10

  The win10 system itself is actually driven by the MTP of the Android phone, so we don't need to recover lost hard drive space windows 7 find various drivers on the Internet to install, nor do we need the drivers that come with various recover lost imap setting old hard drive assistants. When you encounter the MTP mode can't be used and can't be transferred If the file does not recover lost partition on external hard drive display the device drive letter of the phone, we can update the driver in the device manager to solve recover lost partition usb drive for free the problem. The following is a detailed solution:

  The way to open the device manager is: recover lost password windows 7 using usb start-control panel-find the device manager and open it.

  1. In the device manager, you will see the Mi5 recover lost photos from external hard drive device with an exclamation mark, choose to update the driver;

  Right-click and select properties, recover lost photos on external hardrive free click the driver bar.

  Click the Update Driver option.

  2. Choose to browse the computer to find recover lost pictures from external hard drive the driver;

  On the pop-up page, select: portable device.

  3. Here comes the key, select "Select recover lost pictures from formatted hard drive from a list of computer device drivers" below;

  4. Select "MTP USB Device" among them,

  There will recover lost space on external hard drive be many in the list (if the display is not complete, remove the check in the display compatible recover lost space on usb drive mac hardware), find these two, it should be one of them, just install.

  5.win10, 64 bit.They are all effective recover lost space on usb drive online in pro-tests, others should be similar.

  Because of various methods of experimenting, the driver recover mac data from an external drive in my machine is a bit messy, but this MTP USB device driver should be built-in Win10 (or the system's recover mac external hard drive on pc built-in driver is the most reliable), so it is solved.Can't open USB debugging, you can directly recover mac hard drive on windows 7 connect to the computer to transfer files.

  Therefore, as the win system is getting more and more recover mac os if hard drive crashed new, many commonly used drivers are not searched everywhere like the XP system, and may not be recover master boot record external hard drive available. In fact, the official drivers of WIN10 are already a lot stable. We only need to learn the recover memory files from laptop hard drive ability to find the original drivers by ourselves. , You can try to solve this situation by yourself recover memory from old laptop hard drive in the future.