SD memory card expansion card using DiskGenius to repair and restore capacity tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-19 12:50

  Due to the increase in the price of memory, mobile phone memory cards have also risen, and there external program to boot factory recovery partition is no way to find a so-called brand-new 64G flash card from a certain treasure. It is very cheap. After external triggers in recovery from sex addiction all, it has received rave reviews.

  It was tested with 360 expansion test software on the day of external usb hard disk data recovery software receipt, and there was no problem.

  I haven't finished the test for 10 hours with mydisktest software, f11 system recovery windows 10 with usb and I always feel wrong, saying that the claas10 card is 0 per second.3m/s?

  So think of the factory reset windows 10 from recovery usb idea of repairing the hard disk in the past. Diskgenius software can also scan for bad sectors, and failed hard drive data recovery north georgi a it can also be used on the memory card.

  So I used diskgenius to scan the SanDisk memory card for bad failing to recover windows using usb drive sectors. After scanning to the 1885 cylinder, I0 Device time timeout began to appear.?If it is not fastest free deleted file harddrive recovery program a bad sector, it is a timeout. The normal capacity detection time in front of TF is 500ms, then the file recovery from external hard drive free fake capacity in the back is more than 3000ms.That is not there, it is obviously the expansion card, file recovery from external hard drive mac the current expansion memory card can already deceive the 360 software and mydisktest, which is file recovery from formatted external hard drive really powerful, but it still can't deceive diskgenius.

  The next step is to restore the actual capacity, file recovery from usb without drive letter also using diskgenius software:

  Start dividing new areas and shielding bad areas:

  1. First, file recovery hard drive software windows 7 delete the original partition, and then re-analyze the new partition.

  2. Create a "primary disk file recovery off 2 5 hard drive partition". Select menu "Partition" --> "Create New Partition".

  3. Select "Primary Disk Partition" file recovery on corrupted external hard drive for the partition type.Expand "Detailed Parameters".

  4. Fill in 0 in the starting cylinder and 188 file recovery on formatted external hard drive 0 in the ending cylinder (my card is wrong starting from the 1885 cylinder, so I am sure to fill in file recovery programs for external hard drives 1880, you can also make more redundant points), Then partition, and then wait x seconds, the normal file recovery software for external hard drive area is exactly 14.4G.

  The current profiteers are really willing to spend their money (the normal file recovery software for old hard drives capacity of the former profiteers expansion card was only 1G, now it has 16G)

  Finally, I remind file recovery software from formatted hard drive everyone, don't be greedy for cheap. Buying a memory card is still some Dong's self-operated and reliable file system recovery tool for usb drive point. Of course, the price is definitely higher.