Eraser method to completely delete the traces of external hard drive use[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-19 12:40

  Under the windows operating system, any operation performed by the user will be recorded by the amazon usb recovery boot password reset operating system, and even the files deleted by the user are recorded in the system. Through data android data recovery no usb debugging recovery, the deleted files can be recovered.For users with confidentiality requirements, the problem of android data recovery without usb debugging using the external hard drive of the work computer, the problem of Internet recording, and the problem android enable developer mode recovery usb of file confidentiality are more annoying.It is easier to clear files. If it is a file saved in android enable usb debugging from recovery a non-system disk, use the shredder + erasing tool to clear it.

  For external hard drive traces and android enable usb debugging via recovery Internet traces, the only effective method is to low-level format the system disk.

  1. Use the android hard drive data recovery software bootable CD of xp pe1 to enter the pe system, and all hard disk partitions can be found under this android recovery alcatel using usb cable system.Find the Windows system disk partition and perform quick format.

  2. Use the erasing tool eraser android recovery mode pull data usb (click to download) to erase the quick formatted system disk.First, set the parameters of the eraser, android recovery pc without usb debugging as shown below

  Choose the first method for erasing files

  Choose the second method for erasing android recovery software without usb debugging the disk and click OK.

  Then create a new task, as shown below

  Right-click the blank space, click android recovery update from external storage New Task, and then select the local disk (C: System Disk) in the available partition of the task android recovery usb device not recognized properties, and select "None" under "Finish", as shown in the figure below:

  After that, right-click android usb debugging for file recovery on the local disk where it appears, and select Run, as shown in the figure below

  Click Yes to start android usb debugging from recovery mode erasing.This step takes a while.

  3. Perform an in-depth inspection on the erased disk. Use the angular retrieve external javascript file module saker software to check the external hard drive records, Internet traces, etc., if the relevant traces anyway to recover bad hard drive are found, the erasure is successful.

  4. Reinstall the operating system.

  Cleared app to fix usb flash drive successfully.