How to make a USBCDROM boot disk with external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

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  This method is to mass-produce the external hard drive into a USB-CDROM boot disk.The accessory msi burn recovery to external hdd disk can also be used as a external hard drive.There are risks, need to be cautious, the home of USB

  msi burn recovery usb how long  1. A external drive that can support mass production.(The capacity is preferably above 2G) Home of msi burn recovery usb not working external drive

  2. ISO opening software: UltraISO 9.Version above 0. USB home

  3. ChipGenius external msi disk recovery wont find usb hard drive Home

  4. Mass production tools: different external hard drives have different mass msi gs63 backup recovery usb capacity production tools.

  Download GHOST_XP_ ISO image file

  Use UltraISO 9.0 The software opens the msi laptop recovery partition vs usb GHOST_XP_ ISO file and finds WINXPSP3 in it.GHO file, right click to extract it to any folder, and then msi recovery image backup tool usb click OK (as long as you can find this file by yourself)

  After extracting the files, do not close msi recovery system two hard drives UltraISO 9.0 software, then put WINXPSP3.GHO deleted, the total file size became 57MB.

  Insert the msi recovery usb no recovery partition external drive, open the external drive chip model detection tool, here is my external drive as a mtp usb device data recovery software demonstration.

  After testing, the chip manufacturer: SMI (Hui Rong) Chip model: SM321~SM325 .Now go multiple recovery drives one one usb to the Internet to find and download the corresponding chip model mass production tools and usage my chromebookkwont read the recovery usb tutorials.(Be sure to understand how to use it before making it)

  Open the downloaded mass production my hard drive failed recovery program tool software. USB home

  Enter the mass production tool, follow the steps. USB home

  After prompting my hard drive turned to recovery that mass production is successful, click Quit to exit, close all software, and unplug and insert my passport hard drive recovery software the external hard drive.

  Step 4. When you insert the external hard drive again, you will find naked pictures recovered from hard drive two drive letters appear on the removable device.Disk H is the USB-CDROM boot disk, Disk I is the nand usb 2 disk usb device accessory disk.

  The accessory disk can also be made into a USB-ZIP boot disk, these methods are too nas hard drive recovery free software many on the Internet, I will not introduce them in detail.Now, we create a new folder in the subsidiary nashville external hard drive data recovery disk and name it ***gho.(This folder must be named in English for easy searching when installing national instrument real time recovery usb the system).

  After setting, put the WINXPSP3 we extracted.Put the GHO file in this folder, you need a windows 10 recovery usb can't make any changes.Update later, just change this GHO file!

  How to make a USB-CDROM boot disk netgear readynas stuck on usb recovery with external hard drive: