there is no response when the External external hard drive is plugged into the computer[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-19 11:40

  Now more and more people choose mobile hard disks instead of external hard drives, because they are windows password recovery tool usb vist a more reliable and have a larger capacity. Of course, it is better to carry them or not. However, windows password recovery usb boot disk mobile hard disks are not easy to lose data, but there are still some problems, such as mobile hard windows password recovery usb flash drive disk insertion. The problem of the computer not responding. This problem seems to be serious at first windows password recovery usb windows 7 glance, just like the mobile hard disk is completely broken and can't be recognized. In fact, the windows password recovery usb windows 8 cause may not be that serious. We have to use the elimination method to see where the problem is.

  1 windows recover data from hard drive . First, we plug the mobile hard disk into other people's or other computers to see if there is no windows recover deleted files from usb response. If so, then the problem lies in your computer. The general solution is as follows

  1. First, windows recover files from hard drive let's see if the driver is not installed correctly. You can go to the device manager to see if windows recover old mac hard drive there is a yellow exclamation mark in the USB mass storage device in the universal serial bus controller. windows recovery 7 usb not working If not, remove it.

  2. The computer you are using may not allow usb devices to be used due to windows recovery asking to bootable usb the use of security settings. For example, some Internet cafes and school computers are like this. At windows recovery boot external hard drive this time, we will try to open the permissions ourselves.

  Click Start-Run in the lower left corner, windows recovery boot password reset usb or press the Win key + R shortcut key to open the run, enter the command regedit to open the windows recovery command prompt usb drive database editor

  Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesUSBSTOR of the database in windows recovery disc harddrive format dynaic turn, and then find Start in the right window and double-click to open

  After opening, change the windows recovery disc windows 7 usb original value to 3, as shown in the figure below

  Then restart the computer to see if it works. If windows recovery disk usb windows 10 it still doesn't work, then the administrator has disabled usb. This can only be opened by the windows recovery disk usb windows 7 administrator. There is no other way. If it's a personal computer that doesn't work after setting it up, windows recovery disk windows 10 usb then go to the bios. See if the usb port is disabled

  3. When the computer restarts, click the del windows recovery disk windows 7 usb key to enter the bios setting interface, as shown in the figure below, click the option with the windows recovery doesn't recognize hard drive word usb, as shown in the figure below

  Then find "Integrated Peripherals" and put the "USB Controller" windows recovery drive on a usb and "USB 2.0 Controller" is set to Enable to turn on the usb function.

  Of course, different windows recovery drive windows 10 usb computer bios interfaces are different, we need to find more as long as it has the word usb, generally windows recovery environment windows 10 usb usb 2.0 is to open the usb2 interface, there is usb 3.0 is to open or close the interface function windows recovery environment windows 7 usb of usb3, where enabled means to open, and disabled means to close.

  2. If there is no response when windows recovery environment windows 8 usb plugged into other people's computer, then the problem lies in the mobile hard disk. At this time, windows recovery file erased hard drive we will focus on the mobile hard disk to solve the problem.

  1. The data cable of the mobile hard windows recovery image usb bit torrent disk is in poor contact or concealed broken

  When we plug it into the computer, we can move close to windows recovery locked from hard drive the usb interface of the computer to see if the computer responds, or we can rub the USB interface windows recovery media 8 1 usb cable on the mobile hard disk to see if the computer responds. If it does, then it means Poor contact, windows recovery not detecting hard drive at this time we can change a usb mobile hard drive cable to solve it.

  2. There is no response windows recovery not detecting recovery usb when the mobile hard disk is plugged into the computer, but in fact the computer recognizes the situation, windows recovery not seeing usb drive you can go to the device manager, start-run and enter diskmgmt.msc is the device manager, see windows recovery options hard drive driver if there is an unallocated partition, make sure that the mobile hard disk is partitioned and used windows recovery to another hard drive normally before, and it becomes uninitialized at this time.

  If this is the case, it may be that the windows recovery tool usb windows 10 partition table is lost. We only need to use diskgenius to retrieve the partition table, as shown in windows recovery tool usb windows 7 the figure below. First select our unallocated mobile hard disk, and then click Tools-Search for lost windows recovery tool windows 10 usb Just partition, save the partition after finding the partition and the mobile hard disk will come windows recovery usb drive not valid back.

  3. If the light of the mobile hard disk is not on and the device manager does not see the windows recovery usb drive windows 10 partition of the mobile hard disk, then the circuit board of the mobile hard disk box may be broken. windows recovery usb dvice to small At this time, we need to replace the mobile hard disk box.

  4. If the mobile hard disk light is on windows recovery usb for another computer but there is no response, it may be that the mobile hard disk itself is broken. At this time, we may windows recovery usb from mac reddit need to replace the hard disk itself. However, the reading is very slow, and there is no response at windows recovery usb image encore 2 all. Most of the mobile hard disk itself is badly damaged, so it can only be replaced.

  Summary: windows recovery usb sioux falls sd The reason and solution of the general problem when the mobile hard disk is plugged into the computer windows recovery usb windows 10 download is the above. In fact, it is relatively uncomplicated and can be eliminated. The solution is also windows recovery usb windows 7 download very simple. It is just that if you want to restore the data inside, it is because of the mobile The windows recovery usb windows 8 1 hard disk is not responding, so it is relatively difficult. You can directly remove the hard disk windows recovery usb windows 8 download from the mobile hard disk box and connect it to the computer sata interface to restore it with professional windows recovery with recovery usb drive hard disk data mirroring software, such as mirroring software such as MTL.