How to use Master Lus external hard drive bad track detection tool to scan bad tracks tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-19 11:20

  There are many hard disk bad sector detection tools, the most famous one is MHDD. Unfortunately, free software to recover hard drive dat a it is the DOS version. It is still a bit difficult to use. Therefore, here is the recommendation of free software to recover hard drive files Master Lu's built-in hard disk bad sector detection function to perform the simplest bad sector scanning. free software to recover usb drive files It is relatively It is easier to use, and it can be used directly under the desktop, without any free usb data recovery software full version tools such as a boot disk. It is very suitable for newly equipped computers or computers with unknown free usb flash drive data recovery exe faults, especially for hard disk problems that suddenly slow down in reading and writing. Sudden free usb flash drive data recovery license blue screen problems need to use hard disk bad sector detection to see if it is caused by hard disk free usb flash drive file recovery software problems.

  1. First, you must download Master Lu. The software is not big. If you download the green free usb flash drive recovery software download version, you can use it directly without installing it. Enter the main interface as follows:

  2. free usb knoppix windows 10 recovery program In the lower right corner of the interface, you will see the "Disk Detection" application, click it free usb pen drive data recovery software to enter the hard disk detection interface

  3. Select the disk partition that needs to be scanned, free usb recover deleted files windows 10 click Start Scan, and then please wait patiently for a while

  4. After the scan is completed, click free usb windows 10 recovery program 2018 to view SMART information, all disk problems will be displayed

  5. For the accuracy of the test, free usb windows 7 password recovery tool please close the computer application as much as possible before the test.At the same time, because free utility to recover formatted hard drive the test requires a large amount of hard disk resources, please do not terminal Master Lu at will to free windows 10 password recovery tool usb avoid affecting the hard disk

  6. The results of the test vary according to the size of the tested free windows 10 recovery disk usb download hard disk and the time spent on reading and writing. Check if there are more severe and damaged free windows 10 usb password recovery tool partitions.Then your hard disk may have bad sectors or problems, you need to pay attention to it

  7. free windows 7 password recovery tool usb For the accuracy of the test, please close all running large software or programs.At the same time, free windows 7 password recovery usb drive test several times to avoid accidents. If it shows that the hard disk has partitions with serious bad free windows 7 password recovery usb tool sectors, try not to save important data.

  Summary: Don't use two hard disk detection tools to detect free windows 7 repair recovery usb download bad sectors at the same time. This will result in inaccurate and very sluggish operation. If Master free windows 7 usb password recovery tool Lu does not detect bad sectors, it does not mean that your hard drive is okay, because after all, free windows 8 password recovery tool usb its scan level is not It is high, that is, the size of the scanned block is not fine enough, so some free windows 8 usb password recovery software blocks may be missed. If you want to scan bad sectors accurately, it is recommended to use professional free windows 8.1 password recovery tool usb tools such as mhdd. Of course, it is the best way to rule out whether the hard disk is causing free windows vista password recovery tool usb computer problems. It's better to change a hard disk to test temporarily. If you have resources, you free windows xp password recovery tool usb don't have to waste time to scan the hard disk. After all, it takes a lot of time to test once.