How to make an iPhone flash memory into an Anguo external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-19 11:00

  Previously, the production network introduced the tutorial of making iPhone flash memory into Huirong recover all files from hard drive master control external hard drive. Today I will teach you how to make it into Anguo master control recover an corrupt xbox 360 hardrive external hard drive. Because Anguo has the best support for Apple flash memory, it is easy to recover android fies with usb debugging make. I am sure that the reading and writing speed is not fast enough. This is the limitation of Anguo recover android files with usb debugging Master. Let me teach you the following.

  The first choice is to remove the flash memory chip from recover apple macbook air hard drive the Apple mobile phone. Generally, it is the obsolete capacity replaced after the expansion of the recover avi files from hard drive Apple mobile phone, so they are all 16GB flash memory.

  Then Tao B buys an Anguo master external hard recover bios from external hard drive drive board dedicated to Apple flash memory:

  This is a new flash memory chip: silver

  1. Apply recover bitcoin wallet from hard drive solder to the tin-planting board used for the flash memory chip, and then heat the solder with a hot recover bitlocker encrypted unformatted hard drive air gun to melt into a ball, so that the flash memory chip can be easily soldered to the external recover bitlocker key from hard drive hard drive board.

  2. Apply flux to the main control board of the external hard drive

  3. Align the recover bookmarks from old hard drive solder joints of the flash memory chip with the pads of the main control chip

  4. Heat the hot air recover boot partition external hard drive gun until the solder melts, and then wait for it to cool down

  5. In this way, a external hard drive recover bricked omega onion usb driver is ready, although there is no shell

  6. This is still unusable, the external hard drive needs recover broken exfernal hard drive info to be inserted into the computer, and it can be used after mass production.

  7. Insert the external recover broken hard drive files cost drive into the computer and open the mass production tool to recognize the external drive. For mass recover broken hard drive files software production tutorials, please refer to the tutorials on this site. You can also mass produce by default. recover browser passwords from hard drive You can also sell the main control board of the external drive to give you mass production tools recover certificates off external hard drive and tutorials.

  Because it is a dedicated board, you need to use a dedicated mass production tool recover channel master external hard drive version, if you don't have it, you can here ALCORMP E2nand download

  8. Direct mass recover chrome bookmarks from hard drive production erase

  9. After mass production is completed, it will display green if successful.

  10. The recover chrome passwords from hard drive external hard drive can be used at this time, and plug it into the computer again, you can see the recover cmd run usb after deleting total capacity of 15.5GB, already a normal external hard drive, tested the read and write speed, recover computer after hard drive crash write 7M.Read 15M, because it is usb2.0 will be used, then find a shell to put it on. When buying the recover content external hard drive mac main control board, remember to buy the shell together.