How to use EWF to protect SSD external hard drives to greatly increase read and write life[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-19 09:50

  Due to the fast read and write speed of SSDs, the current system disks are basically replaced by toshiba c588 new hard drive windows recovery usb solid state drives, but if repeated writing affects the life and performance of the SSD, it will slowly toshiba create recovery media to external hard drive cause the SSD speed to slow down, although in win7 There is a trim function, but some details that toshiba external hard disk recovery software free download we do not pay attention to in daily life will seriously damage the SSD (such as installing Thunder toshiba external hard drive and finding data recovery in the SSD), and windows comes with a very powerful EWF system protection function, which happens toshiba external hard drive data recovery software free to solve this problem.

  Another benefit of EWF is that you don't need to install anti-virus software.It toshiba external usb 3 0 usb device recovery is called Microsoft's "shadow system".With this free and small component, it is very easy to toshiba hard drive recovery process can't select yes create a shadow system, so that our system will not be invaded by viruses and Trojan horses on the toshiba hard drive recovery process has been selected Internet.

  Although the Shadow Defender shadow system used before can also protect the system from toshiba satellite c55 recovery partition on hard drive viruses, it still writes data to the SSD, and it is very frequent, which is not conducive to prolonging toshiba satellite c875d won't with reboot usb recovery the service life of the SSD hard disk.

  EWF system installation method:

  (Note: The following toshiba satellite hard drive recovery not showing up operations may cause the system to fail to start, please make a backup in advance, just in case!)

  Suitable toshiba satellite laptop hard drive recovery black screen for win7 x64 memory above 4G.Less memory such as 2G may be a bit hanged, because the principle toshiba sattelite hard drive recovery not showing up of this system is to map all the read and write of the SSD to the memory.

  1.First open the system toshiba ultrabook windows 8 recovery usb pt22lc 00k0de administrator account My Computer-Right-click-Administration-Users, remove the check mark in front total wipe of hard drive in recovery mode of the user who is disabled.

  2.Log out of the computer, select the administrator account to log in trying to recover files from internal hard drive and then run regedit while running.exe

  3.Edit the registry permissions: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumRoot turn a external hdd into a recovery drive directory, right-click to select permissions, modify to everyone read and ubuntu back up files to usb from recovery write.

  First tick the red mark and select advanced options

  Advanced options-owner-select administrator-on ubuntu recover deleted files from external hard drive the red mark tick-OK to exit

  There may be occasional failure prompts, just ignore it.

  4. uefi windows 8 recovery disk cd dvd usb Restart the computer, double-click ewf in the compressed package.Import the reg registry file (download unlock seagate hard drive with trinity recovery kit the decompression package of the attached EWF system)

  5.After the registry is imported, copy usb 2 0 not working after system recovery the system32 and SysWOW64 folders of the attached EWF system decompression package to the windows usb 2 0 vs 3 0 recovery drive directory, and overwrite the ones that are prompted to overwrite.

  6.Restart the computer again and use usb data recovery or flash drive data recovery the administration account to enter the system, click the start menu bar and enter cmd in the search usb data recovery software free download bar, right-click to run as administrator, enter the system32 directory, and run ewfcfg -install

  usb data recovery software for android external memory  7.Restart the computer, use the administration account to enter the system again, click usb data recovery software for external floppy disk Start-Accessories-Command Prompt, right-click to run as an administrator, and run ewfmgr c: -enable to enable usb data recovery software for pc free download the C drive overlay

  Pay attention to the difference in the red circled part of the two pictures.

   usb data recovery software free download for mac 8.Restart the computer, great work caused!

  If you think the above operation is more cumbersome, you usb data recovery software free download full version can directly download the prepared EWF batch file to achieve the goal.

  Note: 3 batch processing usb data recovery software free download with key files in the compressed package:

  SAVE.bat is to save this data and restart.(That is, clicking this usb data recovery software on android external memory after making changes to the system will restart and save your settings, because EWF should not allow usb device not recognized iphone in recovery mode any changes to the protected system disk, only save your changes in this way, otherwise the software usb digital media data recovery software free download you have installed will be restarted No more, but clicking this restart setting will be saved.)

  usb doesnt work except in recovery windows 7  Tune off.bat is to save this data and restart to close the overlay.(To put it simply, turn off EWF) usb dongle backup and recovery 2012 free download

  Tune on.bat is to open the overlay and restart.(This is turned on again)

  Tip: If you want to usb dongle backup and recovery 2012 pro download cancel the protection, you can enter "ewfmgr C: -commitanddisable" in the running dialog box and press usb dongle backup and recovery 2012 pro exe Enter to execute, and then restart to close the EWF protection.Ewfmgr has many more parameters, you usb dongle backup and recovery 2012 x64 download can enter "ewfmgr /?"Check.

  In addition, there are also some small tools that netizens have made usb drive data recovery 2 0 1 5 to turn on and off the EWF function with one click (can be downloaded), if you still find the above usb drive data recovery 4 0 1 6 batch processing trouble, you can download it.