Kingston DT Rubber and SanDisk CZ48 external hard drive write protection mass production repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

49 2021-08-19 09:10

  Knowing from experience Kingston DT Rubber 3.0 external hard drive and some SanDisk CZ48 external recover data from ddead hard drive hard drives are controlled by Phison PS2251-03 (PS2303), so if there is a problem, the method of recover data from dead external drive repairing mass production is the same.

  For example, the external drive can only be read but can't be recover data from dead external hdd written, and operations such as formatting are invalid. For example, the external drive has only one recover data from dead hard drive drive letter that can't be opened. It can be solved by mass production. The following will teach you recover data from defective hard drive how to mass produce the PS2251-03 master. The external drive is not limited to the two above, as recover data from degaussed hard drive long as ChipGenius is used to detect the master control. For example, Kingston's external drive is recover data from deleted usb drive tested as follows:

  You can see that the master control is corresponding, so we download the corresponding recover data from dropped hard drive mass production tool, the recommended here is Phison MPALL V3.63 mass production tools, use the recover data from dying hard drive green software directly after decompression, open it as shown below.

  Then the mass production recover data from eide hard drive settings are as follows:

  Do not write firmware, you can choose Simplified Chinese language in the recover data from embedded usb flash setting interface.

  Fill in here according to the ChipGenius test results, I'm from Toshiba, I'll recover data from encrypted hard drive choose Toggle.

  If you want to mass produce cdrom, choose 2 in the number of partitions, choose cd-rom recover data from erased hard drive for the first partition, choose the iso winpe image or system image you downloaded for cd mirror, recover data from external drives linux and choose unmountable disk for partition 2.

  If you just repair the external hard drive, then directly recover data from external hard disc check the mode and select the 3 mode.

  Here you need to keep the vid pid the same as that detected recover data from external sd card by your chip , and you can fill in the text as you want.

  The version to be filled here is 1.2. recover data from failed external drive 43.0, you can go to the mass production tool to see if the idb version is this, you can see it in the recover data from failed external hdd properties, as shown in the figure above.

  In mass production:

  After mass production is successful, recover data from failed hard drive it will turn green, and then plug in the external hard drive again.

  After mass production:

   recover data from failed usb drive I mass-produced two Kingston DT Rubber 3 at one time.0 16G external hard drives are all PS2251-03 recover data from fatal hardware drive (PS2303) + Toshiba MLC, one of which mass production is completed normally,

  Another "master control recover data from faulty hard drive model: PS2251-03(PS2303)-F/W 01.08.10 [2013-07-19] "At the end of mass production, an error occurred, recover data from faulty usb stick and the prompt "write info block error 0x6014" was displayed. I used the 3 mode to recover, and it recover data from filevault hard drive was also the error.I have to flash the firmware.The mass production method of flashing firmware will recover data from format hard drive continue to see the second page below.

  Phison can mass produce normally, there is no need to flash recover data from formated hard drive the firmware.