Windows 11 font blur for how to solve the tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

61 2021-08-19 08:00

  When the new win10 system is installed, especially the notebook computer, the font will be blurred. recover files from reimaged hard drive recuv a What is the reason.In fact, it is a problem of system settings. In many cases, the system automatically recover files from reimaged hard drive reddit enlarges the font or the resolution problem. Here is how to solve it.

  Method one, reset the recover files from seagate external hard drive zoom

  1. Click on the start-setting option in the lower left corner

  2. Then click on the system recover files from solid state hard drive icon

  3. Then in the settings, find the display option and click on it.Then you will find that there recover files from sophos encrypted hard drive is a change in the size of text, applications, and other items on the right. Make sure that it is 1 recover files from time capsule hard drive 00%.

  4. Then click the "advanced display settings" option below, and click "advanced options for recover files from toshiba external hard drive text and other item size adjustments" in the new window

  5. In the new window, click "Set Custom Zoom recover files from toshiba portable hard drive Level" as shown in the figure below

  6. Here is the key to font scaling, first change it to 125%, recover files from unallocated external hard drive and then change it back to 100%.

  Click OK, then click "Apply", then you will be prompted to log recover files from unallocated usb site off the computer, click OK.

  7. After entering the system again, repeat the above steps, but the last recover files from undetected external hard drive step is changed to 100%

  8. Then confirm the same low, apply, then log out, and then see if the recover files from unreadable external hard drive font becomes clearer.

  Note that different computers have different zoom ratios. If the original is recover files from unreadable usb drive reddit 125%, you can change it to 100% first, and then change it to 125% to restore clarity.

  Method two, recover files from usb drive after format enable ClearType function

  1. Click the same button to start, set the button and search for the font, recover files from usb drive free download or find the font icon in the control panel, click into it

  2. Click the "Adjust ClearType Text" recover files from usb drive mac free option on the left side of the font

  3. Then check the Enable ClearType option

  4. Then the system recover files from usb drive not formatted will automatically set your resolution to the best state

  5. Then you will be asked to click on the recover files from usb drive windows 10 clearest-looking text, you choose the clearest click.

  Then the setting is completed, then go to recover files from usb flash drive free see if the fonts of win10 are clear.

  Therefore, the font blur of the win10 system is actually caused recover files from usb flash drive mac by incorrect system settings. After the above two methods, the font will restore the clarity. Also recover files from usb that needs formatting pay attention to your computer to ensure that the graphics card driver is installed correctly. recover files from usb using cmd attrib Sometimes the resolution is caused by no graphics card driver. If it is too low, it will also cause the recover files from usb using command prompt font to be blurred.