How to make a USB boot disk detailed tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-19 07:10

  Teach you how to make a USB boot disk detailed tutorial. USB home

  Today, I would like to share make windows 10 recovery usb online with you the tutorial of making the USB boot disk. It is very detailed, friends, you can give it a make windows 7 recovery disc usb try.

  1. You must set up a external hard drive to boot to enter PE; the home of external hard drive

make windows 7 recovery disk usb   2. It is recommended to insert the external hard drive into the rear USB port of the desktop make windows 7 recovery usb bootable computer;

  Preparatory work should be done: computer external hard drive or mobile hard disk or memory make windows 7 usb recovery disk card U master external hard drive boot disk creation tool system files (ghost version xp/win7/win8)

  make windows 8 1 recovery usb  1 Download and run the external hard drive boot disk creation tool.

  After inserting the external make windows 8 recovery disk usb hard drive, the tool will automatically recognize the current external hard drive or memory card! make windows recovery usb no pc If it is a desktop computer, it is recommended to plug into the USB port on the back.As shown below. make windows recovery usb on chromebook USB home

  If it is an old computer mode, select USB-ZIP, if it is a new computer, select USB-HDD, make windows recovery usb on linux and the allocated space is the default size, and then click "One-click to make a bootable external make windows recovery usb on mac drive" as shown in the figure below

  Before production, there will be a prompt: All data on the disk make windows recovery usb windows 7 will be deleted, please make a backup tool in advance, and then click the "OK" button, as shown in make windows recovery usb with toast the figure below.

  The picture below shows the production progress prompt, please wait for the make windows xp recovery disk usb production to be completed. USB home

  After the production is completed, it will prompt a simulated startup making a recovery usb for notebook prompt box, click the "Yes" button to test whether the startup is normal.

  Okay, now it's making a recovery usb windows 10 finished.I thought the picture was the boot screen of the external drive

  Finally download the (ghost making a windows 10 recovery usb version xp/win7/win8) system, and then copy the downloaded GHOST version system file to the GHO folder making password recovery usb windows 10 in the external hard drive. USB home

  The tutorial is shared here for everyone.I hope it helps manual recovery partition to usb steps everyone. external hard drive Home

  A detailed tutorial to teach you how to make a USB boot disk: