The external hard drive cant be formatted what should I do if the external hard drive cant be formatted[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-19 06:50

  Now that the system is installed with a external drive, if you use some tools to make a boot disk make bootable usb windows 10 recovery with a external drive, you may encounter the problem that the external drive can't be formatted. In make bootable usb windows vista recovery addition, our external drive sometimes has inexplicable problems, resulting in The files in the make bootable windows 10 recovery usb external drive can't be deleted, or problems occur after deletion. At this time, I will think of formatting make bootable windows 7 recovery usb to solve it, but when formatting, it prompts that the formatting can't be performed. These are make easy recovery essentials bootable usb the failure manifestations that the external drive can't be formatted. , The following mass production make hp recovery usb windows 10 network will teach you how to solve this problem.

  The reason is that the conventional format of make pasword recovery usb windows vist a the external hard drive is not recognized by the system, or the recognition error leads to the failure make recovery disck windows 10 usb to format. At this time, we need to use several methods to try to solve the problem.

  Method one, make recovery disk usb windows 7 use the system's own manager to solve

  Many people don't know that the system comes with a disk make recovery disk windows 7 usb manager. You can find it in the control panel---"System and Security"-"Create and Format Hard Disk make recovery drive into regular usb Partitions", or you can find it with a shortcut method. We click on the desktop Click the "My Computer make recovery drive usb hp laptop (Computer)" icon on the menu, click the right mouse button, and left click "Manage" in the pop-up make recovery usb drive windows 10 menu

  Find Storage-"Disk Management" in the pop-up dialog box:

  Then click Disk Management to directly make recovery usb from inside windows list all your storage devices, including hard drives, external hard drives, mobile hard drives, make recovery usb mac os x etc.

  Then select the external hard drive you need to format, such as the removable I disk of Disk make recovery usb windows 2008 r2 1 in the picture above.

  Then right click the mouse and select format in the pop-up menu.

  A pop-up make start up usb windows recovery window will prompt that all data on the disk will be lost. Are you sure you want to format this make surface pro 2 recovery usb disk partition.Click Yes directly, this will solve the problem that the external hard drive can't be make symantec system recovery disk usb formatted.

  Then it will be automatically formatted. If the external hard drive is not a big problem, make usb recovery drive windows 10 it should be formatted successfully. Of course, if the problem is not small, don't worry if it make windows 10 bootable recovery usb fails.

  Method two, use the old tool Usboot to solve

  Although the system's built-in tools can't be make windows 10 bootable usb recovery formatted, we can use some small tools to achieve the purpose of formatting. The formatting depth is make windows 10 pro recovery usb different. All of them are more handy to solve. The first choice is to download this Usboot from the make windows 10 recovery boot usb mass production network. It is very small. It can be used by opening it directly. At this time, we make windows 10 recovery iso usb plug in the external hard drive, then open the tool, and then select our external hard drive, pay make windows 10 recovery usb online attention not to choose the wrong one.

  After selecting the external hard drive, click here below to make windows 7 recovery disc usb select the working mode, and select the zip mode in the pop-up menu, as shown in the figure above.

  make windows 7 recovery disk usb  Click Yes, the software will automatically make a boot disk for the external hard drive, and it will make windows 7 recovery usb bootable also be formatted during the production process, and this formatting method is different from the make windows 7 usb recovery disk one that comes with the system.

  After doing this successfully, we unplug the external drive and make windows 8 1 recovery usb plug it into the computer again. At this time, close the software and directly double-click the external make windows 8 recovery disk usb drive letter in my computer. At this time, a request for formatting the external drive should pop make windows recovery usb no pc up, just click format OK, then it can be formatted successfully, and the external hard drive can't make windows recovery usb on chromebook be formatted at this point.

  Method three, use a special external hard drive repair tool to solve

  make windows recovery usb on linux  If the above method still fails to format the external hard drive, then we need to use a more powerful make windows recovery usb on mac role, a dedicated external hard drive formatting software, which is "Kingston external hard drive make windows recovery usb windows 7 Write Protection Repair Tool Restore", which can be searched on the mass production website. Find make windows recovery usb with toast it, although it is written by Kingston, any external drive can be used.

  Open the software directly make windows xp recovery disk usb as shown below:

  It can be seen that it is very simple. The whole software has two buttons, one making a recovery usb for notebook format and the other repair. When we plug in the external hard drive, it can be recognized. Please pay making a recovery usb windows 10 attention not to select the hard disk. Then we directly click format and confirm After waiting for making a windows 10 recovery usb a few seconds, it succeeded, and then go to my computer to see if the external hard drive is completely making password recovery usb windows 10 repaired. If it is not successful, we will continue to click the repair button to try it. In the manual recovery partition to usb steps actual test, we used this tool to repair a large number of unformatable The success rate of the manually recover files from external drive external drive is very high. If it can't format the external drive, it means that your external drive marietta ga hard drive data recovery is a bit badly broken, but there is still a way.

  Method 4: external hard drive mass production tool mark gunderson computer hard drive recovery to solve

  This is relatively professional, but it still doesn't require physical tools. As long as maxtor external hard disk data recovery you have a computer, you can repair external drives that can't be formatted. Mass production network maxtor external hard drive file recovery has a large number of external drive production tools and production tutorials. You can refer to maxtor external hard drive recovery software it at any time to repair external drives. , Because this method is basically the repair method of the mcafee endpoint encryption hard drive recovery manufacturer, so even if your external hard drive is returned to the factory, it is the first choice mechanical failure hard drive data recovery to be solved by mass production tools, so it is very reliable and very powerful.

  Because the space medion hard drive based recovery system here is limited and there are a large number of tutorials on this site, I will briefly talk about memory card usb drive data recovery the mass production steps. First, you need to download the "ChipGenius" software of this site, which metal recovery from hard drive boards can directly and deeply detect what master control the external hard drive uses. For example, the micro sd data recovery usb cord following figure shows that it is Huirong's master.

  Judging from the test results, the specific microsoft offical recovery usb windows 10 main control is Huirong SM3257ENAA, so we only need to use SM3257 to search on the mass production microsoft recovery usb drive windows 10 network, and then we can see a lot of mass production tools, we choose the latest version, and then in microsoft recovery usb key password breaker the search results Find the corresponding 3257 mass production tutorial, and follow the instructions microsoft recovery usb remove write protection to successfully repair the problem that the external hard drive can't be formatted. After the repair, microsoft recovery using usb windows 10 it will be the same as the factory state, with sufficient capacity, and the speed will be microsoft surface 2 usb recovery download restored.

  Of course, there are more than one external hard drive masters. In addition to Huirong, there microsoft surface 4 hard drive recovery are also common Phison, Anguo, Chipsbank, etc., no matter what the master external hard drive network microsoft surface book 2 recovery usb has, so don't worry about the situation that the external hard drive can't be formatted and can't microsoft surface laptop usb recovery download be solved.

  There are a total of four methods, from shallow to deep, so that your external hard drive microsoft surface pro 2 recovery usb can be solved in the most suitable way to solve the problem that the external hard drive can't be microsoft surface pro 2 usb recovery formatted. Basically, there is no external hard drive that can not be repaired. Of course, if you microsoft surface pro 3 recovery usb have all the above methods, If it can't be solved, it means that your external drive must be damaged microsoft surface pro 3 usb recovery in hardware. At this time, there is really no way. You can only replace it with another one.