External external hard drive cannot be displayed and easily solved[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-19 06:40

  I bought a new mobile hard disk, I thought it was ok, but the system has recognized the mobile hard data recovery not working hard drive disk and there was a ding-dong sound. There is also a USB device connection icon in the tray in the data recovery off external hard drive lower right corner, but the mobile hard disk can't be displayed in my computer. , As shown below

  data recovery on an external hdd  Some people say that it is a driver problem, and then try to scan the driver with the driver software. data recovery on encrypted hard drive The result shows that the drivers are all normal. What is going on.You can also see the partition data recovery on fried hard drives of the mobile hard disk in the Disk Manager, and there is a normal capacity display, but the partition data recovery on hard drive broken of the mobile hard disk can't be found in my computer, and the result is finally solved. The data recovery on hard drive unformatted method is as follows:

  1. When the mobile hard disk is inserted, right-click the computer on the data recovery on passport external hd desktop, or My Computer, and click Manage or Properties in the menu.

  2. Then click Device Manager in data recovery physical damage hard drive the left window, as shown in the figure below.

  3. Then we will see the Device Manager window, expand data recovery physically damaged hard drive the universal serial bus controller, find the usb mass storage device, select it, click the right data recovery plan external hd worth mouse button, and click to uninstall the device. Of course, you can also choose to update the driver, data recovery service corrupt usb drive but it is recommended Uninstall.

  4. After uninstalling, the computer will automatically install data recovery service for external harddrive the driver, and then the mobile hard disk will be displayed normally. If not, you can re-plug the data recovery service from hard drive mobile hard disk to see if the computer has displayed the mobile hard disk. Turn on the mobile hard data recovery service usb flash drive disk of my computer and it will come out. So simple.

  Summary: When the mobile hard disk can't be data recovery services external hard drive displayed, it is not a big problem at all, it is that the driver is not installed normally, but the key data recovery services failed hard drive is that the system will not prompt directly, so we need to manually uninstall and reinstall it.