How to make a super highspeed external hard drive by yourself[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-19 06:20

  external hard drive is actually very simple, so if the external hard drive on the market can not macos high sierra recovery mode usb meet your requirements, such as speed, quality, such as price, in fact, you can make a external hard macos recovery from usb transmac windows drive yourself, and you can use the fastest flash memory To do this, it is EMMC flash memory. This macrium reflect recovery usb flash drive flash memory can only be used with the NS1081 master control of RIFK, but the speed of the made external macrium reflect recovery usb windows 10 hard drive is very good. Generally, it can reach a writing speed of more than 100M/S. The key is made external drive a recovery disk that the speed of small files is also very high. it is good.Let's teach you how to make your own DIY magnet on hard drive damage recovery external hard drive.

  1. The tools for committing crimes first. The basic tools are electric magnetizing a hard drive and recovery soldering iron, hot air gun, fixture, solder wire, leaded solder paste, flux, ball net, magnifying glass, mail dead hard drive for recovery tweezers, etc.

  2. The picture below shows the EMMC chip, the model is klmag2geac b002, and the make a bitlocker recovery key usb package is BGA153. The data manual is not found on the Internet, but it should be emmc4.5 version of make a dell os recoverly usb the chip, pad diameter 0.3mm, very small.

  3. The main control used is NS1081, USB3.0 interface, the make a high sierra recovery usb limit of reading and writing is about 160MB/s and 140MB/s, so sometimes emmc5 is used.0 The chip make a mac os recovery usb NS1081 can't fully exert its performance.

  4. The first chip is ready to be soldered. Although the make a mac usb recover usb chip is removed from some defective motherboards in the factory, the emmc chip is basically brand new. make a recovery usb windows 10 The disassembled chip needs to be replanted before it can be soldered again.However, my NS1081 board make a recovery usb windows 7 has been planted with balls when it leaves the factory, so the chip can be soldered directly without make a usb bios recovery flashdrive planting the balls. I directly apply the flux, and the chip can be soldered after it is in make a usb recovery disk macos place.

  5. The soldering process is very simple. The temperature of the hot air gun is about 350°C. The make a usb recovery drive mac solder balls on the NS1081 board are leaded, so the tin is quickly melted. The way to judge that the make a usb windows 7 recovery soldering is OK is to gently push some chips with tweezers. If the chip is restored to its original make a windows 10 recover usb position after shifting, it means that the soldering is done. The principle should be that the tension make a windows 10 recovery usb of the solder makes the chip return.By the way, if only one chip is soldered on NS1081, it can make a windows 8.1 recovery usb be soldered on the front or back side of the main control board.

  6. After the first piece is welded, make a windows vista recovery usb wait for it to cool, plug in the computer and have a try to see if it can be recognized.

  7. The make a windows xp recovery usb next step is the mass production process. It is very simple. First, open the mass production tool and make bootable recovery usb windows 10 choose to browse and select the firmware. In fact, mass production is to update the firmware. The make bootable recovery usb windows 7 process is completed in ten seconds, which is much easier than the mass production of ordinary external make bootable recovery usb windows 8.1 drives.The mass production tool is NS1066/NS1068/NS1081 master chip mass production tool v1.3.42 make bootable usb from recovery partition .

  8. Then plug in the NS1081, and the mass production tool is identified as shown in the figure make bootable usb recovery windows 10 below. At this time, the capacity of the chip and the existence of the chip will not be detected, that make bootable usb recovery windows 7 is, the quality of the chip can't be judged at this step.

  9. Click Execute All to start the mass make bootable usb windows 10 recovery production process. If the chip is good (provided that there is no error in the soldering), the mass make bootable usb windows vista recovery production process is very fast. After the completion, it will be like the following, and all the make bootable windows 10 recovery usb necessary information is available.

  10. OK, mass production is complete.The first piece is no problem, make bootable windows 7 recovery usb and then the second piece, the welding process of this piece is the same as the above, it will make easy recovery essentials bootable usb be completed quickly, and it can be put into use after successful mass production.