How to manually remove external hard drive virus manual cleaning method of external hard drive virus[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-19 05:40

  How to manually remove external hard drive virus, manual cleaning method of external hard drive recover pictures from computer hard drive virus

  Because there are more external hard drives now used, the viruses infected through external recover pictures from damaged hard drive hard drives have also increased and become more complicated.Full name: Win32.Hack.Tompai.b., referred recover pictures from dead hard drive to as Iexplores.Exe is such a virus, this virus works on the 32-bit windows platform. The virus will recover pictures from external hard drive generate Iexplores in the root directory of the hard disk.EXE.

  The specific manifestation of the recover pictures from formatted hard drive virus is: when you double-click the drive letter of the hard disk, the system will call Iexplores.The recover pictures from hard drive crash exe file automatically plays the contents of the hard disk as a way to spread the virus.In addition, recover pictures from hard drive format viruses can be spread through mobile storage media (external hard drive, mobile hard disk). USB recover pictures from hard drive free home

  Although most anti-virus software can detect and kill it!But the symptoms of infection still recover pictures from hard drive mac exist.After the anti-virus software performs anti-virus, double-clicking also can't open the drive recover pictures from laptop hard drive letter. You must right-click to browse the hard disk.How to solve it like this?

  First, right-click recover pictures from mac hard drive to open one of the infected drive letters, and select Show all files and folders under the toolbar- recover pictures from macbook hard drive --Folder Options--View. At the same time, remove the check mark in front of the hidden protected recover pictures from old hard drive system files. There is an extra autorun under the drive letter.Inf file, open we can see the following recover pictures from wiped hard drive content:


  The meaning of this sentence is that when you double-click the recover pictures from your hard drive drive letter, the virus program file written in the registry is automatically opened. Even if the virus recover product key from hard drive is killed, the registry information still exists. This is the reason why the drive letter can't be recover product keys from external drive opened.

  Secondly, let's delete the residual information of the virus in the registry: Start --- recover product keys from hard drive enter regedit during running to open the registry editing program, ctrl+f to open the search command, recover programs after new hard drive and enter Iexplorers.exe, click to find, and then you will find this key in the registry.

  Generally recover programs from old hard drive under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints

  Finally, recover ps4 account new hard drive if the drive letter of your mobile hard disk can't be opened, then you will find this key value recover psd deleted files hard drive under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints\FShellcommand, recover pttx files from hard drive just delete the shell subkey , F3 to find the next one, repeat the operation until all of them are recover ptx files from hard drive cleared.

  After clearing all the subkeys, go to delete the antorun under the drive letter.inf file, recover quickbooks data from hard drive the problem is easily solved after restart.

  How to manually remove the external hard drive virus, recover quickbooks file from hard drive the manual cleaning method of the external hard drive virus: