Apacer PS2231 quantitative tutorial and mass production solutions[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-19 04:50

  For mass production mode "21", the external hard drive becomes a USB-CDROM and a removable disk can i recover data from my hard drive (the capacity of the two is added to the total external hard drive capacity).The content in the CDROM can i recover data from ps3 hard drive is read-only, and most of Phison's masters will be mass-produced in this mode.The main reason is that can i recover data from unreadable hard drive the CDROM produced by Phison has a very strong boot compatibility, so choose a suitable image file, can i recover files after formatting hard drive such as toolbox, PE, ghost, etc., so that it can be done without a CD, and it can be done by a can i recover files after formatting usb drive external hard drive.It is also suitable for players who create personalized external drives.There are can i recover files after i format usb many other models that can be mass-produced, you can explore and explore.

  external hard drive mass can i recover files from a lost usb production, first determine the main control model, what we found here is the main control chip using can i recover files from formatted hard drive Phison, the latest corresponding mass production tool is UP13/UP14/UP12 (PS2251-31/PS2231) mass can i recover files from wiped hard drive production tool V1.96.

  First, determine the main control type of the external drive, you can use the can i recover infromation from old hard drive chip worry-free or other tools to check, because the main control type used by each external drive can i recover mac hard drive with enclosure will be different, you must choose the corresponding tool for mass production, otherwise it will can i recover my data from hard drive definitely be unsuccessful.

  Because Apacer Smile Disk uses Phison's master control, the latest version can i recover my husbands yahoo trash folder on the Internet is UP13/UP14/UP12 mass production tool V1.96. The following are all based on this can i recover photos from external hard drive version of the operation.

  The two files with boxes above are used (the two files with "F2" can add can i recover the sector of hard drive more manufacturer information, OEM use), run "F1_90_v196_00" to get external hard drive information

  If can i use hard drive for recovery disk you want to keep the VID/PID of the original external hard drive, write down the specific value can i use recovery usb from another computer at this time, 1005/B113 run "ParamEdt-F1-v1.0.20.2", load the configuration file

  After mass can i use recovery usb more than once production is completed

  If mass production fails, you can start again.If you are not at ease, you can can internet searches be recovered from hard drive set the mode "8" to mass production again and restore the external hard drive, so you can try it can lenovo usb recovery flash drive be formatted boldly.