How to download songs to External phone or MP3 MP4 external hard drive External external hard drive How to download songs[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-19 04:30

  Before downloading songs, connect your phone's memory card or MP3, MP4, external hard drive, or systools hard drive data recovery 3.3 serial key mobile hard disk to the computer with a data cable.

  Take Baidu MP3 search song download as an example, team win recovery project usb mass storage optipon the download software is Thunder.Xunlei downloads are basically installed in the computer now.

   texas company recovers data from melted hard drive 1. First open the Baidu website select MP3 search, and then enter the name of the song you the best external hard recovery software for mac want to search, such as: Xingyue Mythology.

  2. After entering the name of the song, click "Baidu" the best free hard drive recovery software reddit to search, and the searched Xingyue Mythological song list will be listed.(Please pay attention to the best hard drive recovery software for windows the format of the song here, generally choose MP3,

  Because most mobile phones, MP3 only supports the best recovery tool for external hard drive this format, and MP4 supports more formats.Can't listen to other formats after downloading.)

  3. After the hard drive recovery process has been selected entering this song download list, you can choose one to download, or you can try listening first. the hard drive recovery proess has been selected Some of them are mobile phone ringtones, which are not complete. You can tell by looking at the size the operating system os recovery and restore usb on the right. Generally, the ringtones of a few tenths of M are ringtones.

  Start the download to invoke bios recovery from a hard drive below, if you choose the first download, click the download arrow symbol under "Link" .

  4. Click the to recover toshiba external hard drive deleted files download arrow symbol to connect to the download page, click to download directly.As shown below.

  to to use recovery usb in lenovo t430s  5. Click the download link and the download save box of Thunder will pop up. Set where to save it, to usb recovery cho win 10 voi uefi as shown in the figure below. (Generally mobile phones, MP3, MP4, plugged into the computer are marked to usb recovery cho win theo chuan uefi as "removable disk".)

  According to the steps on the picture, 1. Click "Browse" to pop up the todo backup recovery disk cannot see usb drive file save selection box, 2. Choose to save on your mobile phone or MP3, MP4 removable disk, 3. Click toms hardware recover files external hard drive chkdsk OK after setting, 4 Click to download immediately after setting.

  After the download is complete, the tool to recover data from dead hard drive song will be saved to your mobile phone or MP3, MP4, press this operation to download other songs. tools to recover data from bad hard drive

  Remarks: If the computer does not have Thunder download installed, go to step 4, click the download tools to recover data from crashed hard drive link, and a save box will pop up. Just save the same settings there.

  The operation steps are as tools to recover data from damaged hard drive shown in Figure 1, 2, 3.

  So the download is complete, isn't it easy?!