windows 11 8 supports new SSD technology disk optimization so that solid state drives can perform better[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-19 04:20

  I believe that many friends are very aware that the operating system has a very significant impact recover deleted data from hard drive software on the SSD experience.Like SSD, a technology called Trim is only supported in Windows 7, and Trim recover deleted data from internal hard drive technology can quickly restore SSD performance.Old Vista (including SP1), XP does not support this recover deleted data from mac hard drive technology.When an SSD that does not support this technology, it will cause more and more physical NAND recover deleted data from portable hard drive data after continuous use, which will slow down the speed of the SSD.Of course, the new system not recover deleted data from usb drive free only supports this technology, but it is not difficult to find that there are some small changes in recover deleted data from usb flash drive it.

  New system and new optimization Windows8 disk optimization experience

  Today's content will recover deleted data from usb hard drive also use the disk optimization of Windows 8 to work with you in the environment of the new system, recover deleted data from usb memory stick how to make our solid state hard disks have a better environment to play.

  Arrange Windows 8 disks recover deleted data on external hard drive casually

  It is not difficult to find that Windows 8's disk defragmentation has been renamed as an recover deleted file from a usb drive optimized drive, and in it we can find that the system clearly recognizes the solid state drive and recover deleted file from hard drive filehippo the ordinary hard drive (mechanical hard drive).However, I want to say here that when your SSDs form recover deleted file on external hard drive an array Raid, this tool can't recognize that your disk is a solid state drive (that is, it is recover deleted files after formatting hard drive recognized as a mechanical hard drive). This still needs to be improved.

  This test uses the GALAXY Laser recover deleted files android without usb debugging GT 120GB

  I first use the SSD to operate under the Windows XP system.After writing a large amount recover deleted files external drive windows 7 of data, we will return to the Windows 8 system here to see how the disk optimization effect of this recover deleted files external hard drive mac Windows 8 is.I will continue to analyze the following results.

  We directly tested the performance recover deleted files external hard drive reddit of the solid-state drive in the Windows 8 system environment. Can we find that the XP system does recover deleted files external hard drive ubuntu not support the Trim format, so after the file is written disorderly, the performance of the solid-state recover deleted files external sd card android drive itself is greatly reduced. Let's look at it after optimization. See how it works.

  After recover deleted files formatted hard drive free the bombardment, the write performance is significantly reduced

  After we use Windows 8's disk recover deleted files from android without usb defragmentation, we can see that the product has changed a lot in terms of test speed. When the product recover deleted files from camera hard drive is directly put into the new system environment from the XP platform, it is strongly recommended to recover deleted files from external drive free perform disk defragmentation work to let the solid-state hard drive play Best state.

  Okay, this recover deleted files from external drive mac is obviously a Trim function. Of course, you still have to wait a while after execution to have actual recover deleted files from external hard drive results, because at this time the main control is busy with Trim processing.When Trim, it's absolutely recover deleted files from external hdd free a huge drop in performance to test the performance.

  As soon as this feature appears, many recover deleted files from failed hard drive official optimization tools can be laid off.However, it is still troublesome that this tool can't correctly recover deleted files from formatted hard drive identify the SSD of the group Raid, and now the system above Win7 supports Trim.However, for recover deleted files from from usb drive long-term SSDs, it is still very good to use this function to optimize the recovery speed.