How to use GHOST backup and restore to install a computer system with detailed graphic tutorials[Win11 Solutions]

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  First of all, we can use the system installation disk with boot function and tools mentioned in the data recovery software for dead hard drives previous installation of the system, such as the 98 boot disk or the CD-ROM of Tomato Garden. If data recovery software for dropped hard drive you use a external drive with a GHOST tool, it is very simple, we still want Set the CD-ROM drive as data recovery software for dropped hard drives the first startup item, restart the computer and let the computer start from the CD-ROM drive, read data recovery software for external hardrive reddit the external hard drive, and directly choose to run the GHOST software on the startup menu that data recovery software for external hardrive toshib a appears.Then if the external drive you use does not have GHOST or has other problems and can't be used, data recovery software for failed hard drives then we recommend that you generally install a GHOST software on your computer, you can easily find data recovery software for hard disk drive this software on the Internet, and it is not a few hundred k , Download a GHOST8.0 or 8.Version 5, data recovery software for laptop hard drive unzip it and place it on one of the partitions on your hard drive. For example, if you put it on the data recovery software for mac hard drive H drive, remember that it must be in the root directory of the H drive (H:GHOST) as shown in the data recovery software for sata hard drive figure below:

  Double-click to open the GHOST folder, enter, you can see the GHOST running program data recovery software for unbootable hard drive inside, as shown below:

  When we start with the external hard drive with boot function, we usually enter data recovery software for usb pen drive the DOS option in the boot menu. We enter the DOS interface. Generally, the default is C drive or data recovery software free damaged hard drive A drive after coming out. We only need to enter H: then press Enter to enter the H drive , And then data recovery software free external hard disks enter CD GHOST, press Enter, enter the GHOST directory, then enter GHOST, press Enter, and run GHOST data recovery software from failed hard drive in the GHOST directory.EX program, as shown below:

  If there is a GHOST tool on the external hard data recovery software from usb flash drive drive, you can choose to run it directly.The two methods are the same, as shown below after running data recovery software from usb free download GHOST:

  Directly press the enter key (some versions support the mouse, you can use the mouse to data recovery software hard drive not detected operate, if the mouse is not available, then we use the keyboard to operate, generally need to use the data recovery software mac external hard drive keys: enter, arrow keys, TAB key) , Enter the screen as shown in the figure below:

  The main program data recovery software mac failed hard drive has four available options: Quit (exit), Help (help), Pptions (options) and Local (local).Click data recovery software memory cards usb drives the Local item in the menu, there are 3 sub-items in the pop-up menu on the right, among which Disk data recovery software on external hard drive means to back up the entire hard disk (ie hard disk clone), Partition means to back up a single partition data recovery software toshiba external hard disk of the hard disk, Check means to check the hard disk or backup files, view Is it possible that data recovery software usb drive free download the backup or restore fails due to partitions, hard disk damage, etc.We want to operate on the local data recovery software wd external hard drive disk here. Local should be selected. The default is to select "Local" (the font turns white) and data recovery that finds unrecognized hard drive press the right arrow key to expand the submenu, use the up or down arrow keys to select, and then data recovery tool for a hard drive select: Local (local) → Partition → To Image (make sure you don't make a wrong selection at this step), data recovery tool for usb flash drive as shown in the figure below:

  Make sure that "To Image" is selected (the font turns white), and data recovery tools for damaged hard drive then press Enter, it will display as shown in the figure below:

  The hard disk selection window pops data recovery tools for dead hard drive up, because I only have one hard disk here, so I don't need to select it. After pressing the Enter data recovery tools for usb flash drive key directly, the following figure is displayed:

  Select the partition you want to operate, use the data recovery usb flash drive not recognized keyboard to operate, use the arrow keys to select the first partition (ie c drive) and press Enter. data recovery wd caviar internal hard drive At this time, the OK button changes from inoperable to available, as shown in the figure below:

  Press data recovery windows 10 exteral hard drive the TAB key to switch to the OK key (the font turns white) as shown in the figure below:

  Press ddrescue recover to external drive without erasing Enter to confirm.It appears as shown in the figure below:

  Here we need to select the disk where dead exnteranl hard drive recovery software free the backup image file is stored, the directory path and input the name of the backup file.There are dead external hard drive data recovery software five boxes in the above picture: the top border (Lock jn) selects the partition; the second (largest) dead hard drive data recovery software free selects the directory; the third (File name) enters the image file name, note that the image file dead hard drive how to recover dat a name has the GHO suffix; Four (File of type) file types, the default is GHO without changing.

  Here, decompression recovery image onto a usb drive first select the disk to store the image file: press the TAB key (approximately 8 times) to switch deep data recovery hard drive near me to the uppermost frame (Lock jn) (using it is displayed by a white line), as shown in the following delete healthy recovery partition external hard drive figure:

  Press the Enter key to confirm the selection, and it will display as shown in the figure delete recovery hard drive partitions windows 10 below: