Huirong SM2258XT master solidstate drive card opening tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-19 03:50

  There are many brands of solid state drives that use Huirong's main control, among them SM2258XT usb windows 8.1 64 bit recovery kit is common. If the main control of the solid state drive is broken or dropped, it can be returned to usb windows 8.1 64b recovery kit download the factory for repair during the warranty period. If the warranty is over, we still have a way To usb windows password recovery disk 2 1 repair it yourself, the method is to use the card opening software to open the card. The following usb windows recovery cannot find system image external hard drive Network will teach you how to open the card and repair the solid state drive controlled use a usb as a recovery device by SM2258XT.

  First open the ssd to see if the square main control is SM2258XT, as shown in the use a usb recovery drive windows 10 figure below, the other Huirong main control is different except for the card opening software use a usb to boot mac recovery version, others can also be referred to.

  1. Download the SM2258XT card opening software MPTool Q0914B use bootcamp to recover pc hard drive version

  2. Prepare the hard disk box transfer, that is, you need to buy a mobile hard disk box. use external hard drive as recovery disk If you have a hard disk box, you don't need to buy it. Insert the ssd into the hard disk box and plug use linux to recover windows hard drive the hard disk box into the computer usb port.

  3. Open the card opening software and click scan use live usb to recover destroyed partition drive

  4. Double-click the hard disk found to view specific information

  First back up the settings use recovery discs with new hard drive of the previous factory mass production

  5. Software select parameter tab

  edit config, the default use recovery drive windows 10 hp usb password is two spaces

  Click auto to automatically identify the particle model according to the use recovery partition on new hard drive ID of the read particle

  L06B can choose to open MLC mode Intel, 256Gbit, PF29F32B2ALCMG2(L06B)(SM2 use recovery usb to image new hdd 258XT)

  Or TLC mode Intel, 384Gbit, PF29F32B2ALCMG2(L06B_B0KB)(SM2258XT)

  However, there seems to use recovery usb to repair windows 10 be a bug in the public version of the firmware, and there is no difference in the test.

  6. Whatever use store bought recovery usb windows 10 the name and serial number are free

  Can default (automatic)

  Calculated by sector (512B per use usb recovery drive on different computer sector)

  Of course, the total capacity of flash memory can't be exceeded

  8. Hard disk type and use usb recovery drive windows 8 1 function

  dis write cache Turn off write cache (SLC cache)

  support trim supports trim function

  support use win 10 recovery usb with hp security Support security function

  dis HIPM close HIPM

  dis DIPM close DIPM

  support devslp use windows 10 recovery usb iso download Support Devsleep function

  The solid state drive also has a mechanism to enter the energy-saving state use windows 8.1 image as recovery usb when it is idle (LPM energy-saving)

  The LPM link power management mechanism is communicated by use windows recovery usb to another pc the disk controller in the motherboard PCH chip and the main control inside the solid state drive to use windows recovery usb to fix chkdsk jointly determine when to put the solid state drive into a low-energy sleep state, and quickly wake use windows recovery usb to fix uefi up and resume work when needed.The sleep energy saving initiated by the motherboard PCH chip (host use windows to recover mac hard drive side) is called HIPM (Host-Initiated LPM), and the sleep energy saving initiated by the solid-state using a bootable usb to retrieve file drive master is called DIPM (Device-Initiated LPM).

  There are two states of LPM energy saving, light using a usb recovery drive windows 10 sleep Partical mode and deep sleep Slumber mode.LPM sleep can reduce the power consumption and using a windows recovery usb on dell heat of the solid state drive when it is idle, but it takes a little time to wake up from the sleep using dock station to recover hard drive state, so it will have a slight impact on the performance of the solid state drive.

  Devsleep, a deep using hard drive enclosure to recover dat a power-saving mode, is turned on when the PC is sleeping.The minimum power consumption in other modes using hard drive to backup information recovery is 100mW, and when Devsleep is turned on, the SSD basically stops completely, and the power consumption using hp recovery media usb windows 10 of the SSD is only within 5mW, or even 1mW, so Devsleep can greatly save the power consumption using hp recovery partition into a usb of the PC, thereby improving the performance and endurance of the PC. And it also extends the service using knoppix to recover hard drive partitions life of the SSD.

  Maximum speed can be set

  Flash memory clock (If the flash memory is not good, using linux mint to recover hard drive you can choose a slower clock)

  I am not clear about other functions

  Quite write data, and then using linux to recover external hard drive read the checksum, the ones that fail will be marked as bad blocks

  If this test is checked, the using recovery discs on new hard drive test will be performed automatically after the card is opened and the power supply is plugged in. After using recovery disk on new hard drive the test is over, you can choose to refer to the RDT bad block

  Go back to the test tab, click using recovery disk with new hard drive start, and wait for mass production to succeed

  Summary: After the card is successfully opened, using recovery usb in windows 8 1 re-insert the hard drive box to see if it is successful. Your SSD will be repaired and you can use it using recovery usb to install new ssd normally. If your solid state drive is also the master, you can refer to the setting method above.