Xinchao Qiaoyou 806 external hard drive Evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-19 03:40

  In 2009, the domestic independent brand Xinchao Digital entered the highly competitive USB market windows 8 recovery usb without windows 8 with the concept of an overall external drive.The overall external drive is a one-time plastic packaging windows 8 recovery usb won t boot of the internal chips and electronic components of the external drive to form an overall windows 8 system recovery download for usb structure.Xinchao's overall external drive has several products on the market, involving PU, QU, MU and windows 8 system recovery external hard drive other series.A few days ago, Xinchao's overall external drive has added a new series of products-Xinchao windows 8 usb recovery drive not working Qiaoyou 806 series, today we will bring you the evaluation of this product, let us know about it windows 8.1 boot from usb recovery drive below:

  Xinchao Qiaoyou 806 series 4GB overall external drive packaging USB home

  Xinchao Qiaoyou windows 8.1 copy recovery partition to usb 806 series 4GB external drives use common ordinary plastic packaging.The white lining is printed windows 8.1 lenovo factory recovery usb key simply and exquisitely, and the appearance of the product can be clearly seen.The built-in bottom plate windows 8.1 password recovery tool usb download of the package is printed with "shockproof, pressure-proof, waterproof" and other characteristics, windows 8.1 recovery disk download usb free and there is a genuine anti-counterfeit label on the back. USB home

  Xinchao Qiaoyou 806 series 4GB windows 8.1 recovery partition auf usb stick overall external drive appearance

  The overall external drive size of Xinchao Qiaoyou 806 series windows 8.1 recovery usb download 64 bit is 38mm*15.2mm*3.1mm, compact, exquisite and fashionable. It adopts a rotating design. The blue core windows 8.1 recovery usb download keeps failing tide LOGO is matched with the white body. It is beautiful and adapts to the current latest trends.The windows 8.1 recovery usb for another pc design of the plum blossom-shaped lanyard hole on the top of the USB drive adds a sense of beauty windows 8.1 recovery usb ntfs or fat32 to the product. USB home

  Xinchao Qiaoyou 806 series 4GB overall USB interface

  Xinchao Qiaoyou 8 windows 8.1 recovery with usb product key 06 series 4GB integrated USB drives are packaged with genuine Flash chips to achieve the functions windows advanced options boot from usb recover of waterproof, shockproof and pressure-proof, built-in encryption software and automatic error correction windows advanced options bot from usb recover system, which greatly improves storage security performance.The product interface uses USB 2.0, windows app to recover formatted hard drive support plug and play, compatible with windows 2000/xp/vista operating system.

  Xinchao Qiaoyou 8 windows automated system recovery disk xp usb 06 Series 4GB Overall external drive Side and Accessories Home of external drive

  Xinchao Qiaoyou 8 windows build 1809 system recovery usb file 06 series external drives are available in 2GB-16GB capacity, available in four colors of gray, yellow, windows data recovery software external hard drive blue, and green, and a free lanyard.At the same time, products are guaranteed nationwide, enjoy windows error recovery on external hard drive three guarantees, and lifetime warranty.

  Xinchao Qiaoyou 806 external drive Evaluation: