Kingston 3S6692 Xinchuang SSS6692B5 mass production tutorial can speed up[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-19 03:30

  Recently, a large number of Kingston external hard drives have adopted the main control of Xinchuang recover a hard drive with linux SSS6692-B5, which generally reflects that Xinchuang's compatibility is not good.!Sure enough, there recover a hard drive without formatting is a problem with compatibility.Although I have successfully mass-produced the USB-CDROM boot disk, recover a lost passport hard drive but I can't start my laptop, but I'm glad that the speed has doubled, which is very good. If you recover accidentally formatted apple hard drive have a Kingston external drive from Xinchuang that is slow, you can mass produce it. Increase down recover active directory from hard drive speed.

  Let's teach you mass production:

  First go to the cardinfo before the first mass recover admin password windows 7 usb production

  ---------------- Device 1------------------

  MP Tool Version: V2.192

  INI File Name: recover all files from hard drive -367.A00LF.INI

  Format Date: 2011-12-01 19:06:15

  Flash Part No: Hynix 2xnm D2 MLC

  CE-0, Flash ID=AD-DE-94 recover an corrupt xbox 360 hardrive -D2-04-43-AD

  CE-1, Flash ID=AD-DE-94-D2-04-43-AD

  Vendor Name=Kingston

  Product Name=DT 101 G2

  recover android fies with usb debugging  Serial Number=EEFBC0156D2376

  ISP Version: VB8.8470

  Flash R/W Timing: 25ns

  Channel: Byte Mode

recover android files with usb debugging   Homogeneous Mode: On

  HID Function: Disable

  Pages/Block: 256 pages

  Max Current: 100 mA

  Total recover apple macbook air hard drive Blocks: 8192

  Capacity: Sectors, Bytes

   KBytes, .93 MBytes, 14.94 GBytes

  The screenshot after recover avi files from hard drive the first mass production, the serial number of the above device has been changed.

  It is found recover bios from external hard drive that the reading speed is only about 22, and the writing speed is only a few points: here to increase recover bitcoin wallet from hard drive the speed through mass production.

  Picture: 002-copy.jpg

  1. First download Xinchuang SSS6692-B5 recover bitlocker encrypted unformatted hard drive mass production tool V2.182 Perfect Edition supports all flash memory Kingston 8G

  2. The chip recover bitlocker key from hard drive worry-free test result is the external hard drive controlled by Xinchuang 3S6692:

  3. Unzip the mass recover bookmarks from old hard drive production tool and open U3S_MP_V2182.exe, the next step is to determine the type of flash memory. After recover boot partition external hard drive opening the mass production tool, find the corresponding firmware according to my main control recover bricked omega onion usb driver 3S6692-B5. Just click on one at this time, because I found that the corresponding firmware of 3S6692-B5 recover broken exfernal hard drive info has 7 There are so many, just order one here.As shown below:

  The ERR window will pop up, click recover broken hard drive files cost OK directly to enter, and enter the following interface: