Solution to the 0xc000007b blue screen when the sample computer is turned on[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-19 03:10

  Recently, many netizens left a message to the editor, saying that after the computer is reinstalled, recover deleted files on hard drive mac the system can't be entered after restarting, and a blue screen appears. The code is 0xcb. What recover deleted files on mac hard drive does it mean.Let the editor teach you how to solve the blue screen of the computer when it is turned recover deleted files on seagate hard drive on. Friends who have such a situation can understand it.

  What should I do if a 0xcb blue screen recover deleted files on usb stick free appears when the computer is turned on?There are many reasons for the blue screen, in addition to the recover deleted files on wd networkhard drive hard disk failure, there may also be a hard disk mode error that can not enter the system, so how to recover deleted files seagate external hard drive solve the computer 0xcb blue screen.The editor has compiled this blue screen solution today, let's recover deleted files usb drive mac free take a look at the specific operation.

  The following is about the 0xcb blue screen solution

  In recover deleted files usb drive windows 10 many cases, the 0xcb blue screen is caused by the installation of the xp system, so you need to go to recover deleted files usb drive windows 7 the bios settings to modify the hard disk mode.

  1. After the computer is turned on, press the F2 recover deleted files usb flash drive free key quickly and intermittently. The common hot keys to enter the bios are F2, Del, F1, Esc, etc. The recover deleted files xbox 360 hard drive hot keys of different brands of computers are different, and the laptop and Fn are pressed recover deleted folder from external hard drive together.

  0xcb Blue Screen Solution Figure-1

  2. Use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to recover deleted folder from usb flash drive select [Devices], then select [ATA Drive Setup] up and down and press Enter to confirm.

  0xcb Blue recover deleted folders on external hard drive Screen Solution Figure-2

  3. Select [Configure SATA as] and press Enter to confirm

  Computer blue recover deleted folders on hard drive mac screen image-3

  4. For the options that appear, select [IDE] and press Enter to confirm.Finally, press recover deleted games from formatted hard drive F10 to save and restart the computer.

  PS: Different motherboards are in different locations, you recover deleted images from pc hard drive need to search for them yourself, and the motherboard does not support IDE mode and can only be recover deleted items from external hard drive installed with systems above win7.

  0xcb Blue Screen Solution Figure-4

  The above is about the 0xcb recover deleted jpeg files from hard drive blue screen solution.