How to recover files deleted from external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-19 01:20

  Do you know how to recover deleted files from external hard drive?Here is a very simple, fast and creating and using a microsoft recovery usb drive windows 7 convenient way to recover data from the external drive with one click.

  List of external hard drive creating and using a usb recovery drive site microsoft com File Loss: The Home of external hard drive

  The first type: Operation error, using cut instead of creating windows 7 recovery disks on a usb toshiba satellite copying in the process of storing files in the external hard drive; accidentally deleted files when cruzer glide 3 0 usb flash drive deleted file recovery using the external hard drive; or the user accidentally formatted the external hard drive to cause data recovery from a failed hard drive mechanical failure 10312 the external hard drive All disk files are lost, etc. USB home

  The second type: the external drive data recovery from a failed hard drive mechanical failure nyc is poisoned, please express the situation as "double-clicking the icon of the external drive does not data recovery from formatted ntfs to ext4 external hard drive respond, and the external drive can't be opened.Right-click menu will appear AUTO item, or some data recovery from internal hard drive m 2 not detected other items, and it will automatically play.The program and other options appear during automatic data recovery from win 10 hard drive in usb dock playback, the file is infected with a virus, and then the virus file is hidden.All the folders in the data recovery on a toshiba exyernal 2 tb hard drive external drive disappeared, thinking that I formatted the external drive.Open the file icon of the data recovery software cant detect my wd external hard drive external hard drive into the shape of the program.The file can't be copied and pasted, and it can't be data recovery software for external hard drive that wont spin opened.The exe folder appears on the external drive.exe generally refers to the program suffix name. data recovery software formatted hard disk free download wd external

  The third type: the file is lost after the external hard drive is unplugged.After the external data recovery western digital hdd repair tool hard drive repair drive is used, the user needs to uninstall the external drive first, and then unplug the external drive. data recovery wizard on hard drive that is not seen If it is directly plugged in, it may cause the external drive to prompt to format, or the files deleted files can be retrieved from an external flash drive in the external drive are garbled or lost.

  For the above-mentioned external hard drive files are deleted floders off external hard drive did nt recover space deleted or the external hard drive files are lost, we can all use Mutual Shield data recovery software dell backup and recovery stuck at preparing your hard drive to solve.The following is the specific recovery steps of external hard drive deleted file recovery: dell backup and recovery usb getting boot file not found

  Download Hudun Data Recovery Software

  1) Open the Mutton data recovery software and select the dell backup and recovery usb system image cannot be found "external hard drive phone camera card recovery" function among many functions. This function is dell backup and recovery windows 8 no usb key detected specifically for data recovery from external hard drives, mobile phone memory cards, etc.

  2) Click the dell computer if hard drive crashed how do i recover mouse to directly enter the disk selection interface, and there will be a external drive connected dell computer if hard drive crashes how do i recover to the computer with deleted files, please select the external drive, and click Next. external hard dell factory recovery media does it format my hard drive drive Home

  3) The software enters the scanning state. If you have just deleted the file, you can dell inspiron 15 7567 windows 10 recovery usb on ssd choose to interrupt the scan when the scan reaches 10%~20%. There is no need to scan all of it, which dell laptop and how to install recovery media from usb can save most of the time. USB home

  4After the software scans, we will see a list of all data dell os recovery and restore usb key on another computer files in the external hard drive on the left side of the software, please select the corresponding dell os recovery tool burning os to usb key 1 folder here, if you want to restore pictures, please select "jpg, png", etc.; if you want to restore dell os recovery tool burning os to usb key stuck files , You can choose "txt, doc", etc. USB home

  5) Then check the file that needs to be restored, dell os recovery tool stuck burning os to usb key and click Next to set the storage path of the file, and the file can be restored.

  The above is the dell os recovery tool to create a bootable usb drive recovery method for deleted files from the external drive. Do you understandHave you learned?You can dell os recovery tool won't install windows 10 from usb have a try on the external drive that lost your files. The method is absolutely useful, 100% dell recovery tool burning os to usb stuck at 1 recovery

  How to restore the deleted files on the external drive: