when the external hard drive prompts to format a reliable solution[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-18 23:10

  If the external drive is used for office use, it is still very frequent, but the external drive is copied hard drive shows only recovery partition not so durable, especially the external drive with relatively low price is relatively inferior and copied msi recovery boot files to usb more fragile, when your external drive is communicating with the computer. If you unplug the external copy a recovery partition to a usb drive or encounter a power failure, your external drive is particularly prone to problems. The most copy acer recovery partition new hard drive common one is that the external drive can't be used and it prompts you to format it when you plug copy hp recovery dvd to hard drive it into the computer. What should you do at this time.Let's teach you:

  1. If the computer prompts copy hp recovery partition to bootable usb that it needs to be formatted, do not click format, otherwise your data will be gone and it will be copy os x recovery partition to usb troublesome to restore.

  2. At this time, you use the mouse to click the right button of the external copy recovery dvd to usb flash drive hard drive-Properties, and see if the space of the external hard drive is displayed as 0.

  3. If copy recovery partition to external hard drive it is, there is hope to restore it, not only can restore the external hard drive function, but also copy recovery partition to new hard drive ensure that the data is not lost.

  4. First try to repair the external hard drive disk to check the copy recovery partition to usb greyed out error, the method is to click on the external hard drive letter, right click the mouse to select copy recovery partition to usb windows 10 properties.

  5. Then click on the tool to start checking, as shown in the figure

  6. Then check copy recovery partition to usb windows 7 Automatically repair file system errors, scan and try to recover bad sectors

  Then you will be prompted copy recovery partition to usb windows 8 if the repair is successful, and if it fails, you can use the external drive normally if you are copy recovery partition to usb windows 8.1 lucky, and the data in the external drive is still there. If it is not successful, continue to look copy windows 10 recovery partition to usb down.

  7. Download DiskGenius software, which is made in China, so it is easy to use. After opening copy windows 7 recovery disc to usb the software, select your external hard drive as the device. Don't select the hard disk. Find the copy windows 7 recovery disk to usb [Search for lost partition (rebuild partition)] in the figure below.

  8. At this time, the software copy windows recovery partition to usbwindows 7 will scan your external hard drive and the external hard drive partition will appear in a while. The corrupt file in hardrive stucks the recovery search is completed as shown in the figure below.

  9. You can see that the data has been retrieved, corrupt file in hardrive stucks tje recovery and then click Save Changes on the software, the external hard drive will be back to normal, and the corrupt hard drive data recovery software free data will be there.

  So in this case, you might as well try this simplest method first. Generally corrupt hard drive recovery software free download speaking, you can recover. If it doesn't work, you can use the external hard drive repair tool on corrupted external hard drive data recovery review this site. A method that should be used, neither loss of data nor formatting of the external hard corrupted external hard drive data recovery software drive.