How to use the DirectX repair tool[Win11 Solutions]

47 2021-08-18 22:10

  You may have encountered this situation. Usually there is an error in the installation file and a how to recover os from external drive prompt pops up: the application can't be started normally (0xb).Please click "OK" to close the how to recover os from hard drive application.Even reinstalling the software will not help. It may be because of the abnormality of DirectX how to recover overwritten files from usb and C++, which needs to be repaired. At this time, you may wish to use the DirectX repair tool, and how to recover overwritten files on usb you may be able to get rid of the disease.

  First, everyone download the DirectX repair tool.Copy how to recover partition on usb drive the DirectX repair tool and search on this site to enter the download.

  Download the installation how to recover partitions from hard drive package, unzip it and enter the page is external hard drive Home

  One check, there are still many how to recover photo from hard drive missing dynamic links (dll extensions)!

  Later, the repair is successful → exit. USB home

  If there how to recover photos from hard drive is any abnormality, check the log. external hard drive Home

  You can also click the drop-down arrow how to recover photos on hard drive on the right▼→click to update C++ at the same time. USB home

  Suggestion: After repairing the how to recover physically damaged hard drives dynamic link, restart the computer and check the effect. If it works, it means it is a dynamic link how to recover picture from a usb problem.If it doesn't work, try to update C++ again (this is a better way to judge the problem).

  The how to recover pictures deleted from usb update is complete, restart the computer to take effect.

  First repair, effective.Small ailments, how to recover pictures from hard drive disappear naturally.

  Note: Windows XP SP3 system users need to install Microsoft .NET Framework how to recover platinum from hard drives 2.Version 0 or higher (you can download the version that matches the system from Microsoft's official how to recover ppt file on usb website) to run the DirectX repair tool.

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  Teach you how to use the DirectX repair tool: