Kingston external hard drive repair tool and tutorial expansion copycat FC8708/SC708 mass production tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-18 22:00

  I bought a 64G black film Kingston on, and used MyDiskTest_v298 to test the expansion recover files on hard drive free disk. Use the ChipGenius detection tool to obtain the following information:

  Device description: recover files on hard drive mac [K:] USB mass storage device (Kingston DT 101 G2)

  Device type: mass storage device

  Protocol version: recover files on my hard drive USB 2.00

  Current speed: High Speed

  Power consumption: 100mA

  USB device ID: VID=0951 PID=160 recover files on nondetected hard drive B

  Equipment serial number: 001CC07CEB8BF

  Equipment supplier: Kingston

  Device name: DT 101 G2

  recover files on raw hard drive  Device revision: 0103

  Product manufacturer: Kingston

  Product model: DT 101 G2

  Product revision: recover files on ssd hard drive 1.00

  Chip maker: Alcor (Anguo)

  Chip model: AU6987/AU6990/FC8708/SC708-F/W E424

  Flash memory recover files on usb windows 10 identification code: 98DE9482-Toshiba-1CE/single channel [MLC-8K]

  So it can be judged that it is recover files stored on internal hardrive the main control of Anguo, so just find Anguo's mass production tool on the mass production network recover files that external drive overwritten to restore the capacity.

  I downloaded more of Anguo's AlcorMP mass production tools on the Internet, recover files toshiba external hard drive and could not identify the external drive. Once suspected that the information tested by ChipGenius recover files windows 7 hard drive was wrong, the external drive was removed:

  Image: DSCF0019.JPG

  Confirmed to be SC708 master

  recover firefox bookmarks from hard drive  The following are the steps for mass production:

  1.Get QCTOOL by hand, and recognize the external recover firefox bookmarks old hard drive hard drive after running.Click Settings to enter the settings:

  Just follow the settings below:

   recover firefox history from hard drive Then confirm, if it prompts invalid sequence English prompts such as valid vendor, don't pay attention recover firefox logins from hard drive to it, just click start!After finishing plugging and unplugging the external hard drive once.

  2 recover firefox profile from hard drive .Run Anguo mass production tool AlcorMP, now the external hard drive can be recognized.Enter the recover folder from external hard drive settings, follow the settings as follows

  Note the choice of FLASH type: 6 in TC58NVG6D2GTAOO means 8G, recover folders from formatted hard drive if it is 4G, choose something like TC58NVG4D2GTAOO;

  This step is to add mass-produced ISO format recover formatted external hard drive dat a PE, you can choose a PE by yourself

  For some unknown reason, even if the contents of SCSI are recover formatted external hard drive free changed, they still haven't changed to the contents set by themselves after mass production.

  After recover formatted external hard drive mac confirming, you can start mass production, and then it will take some time to wait for mass production recover formatted external hard drive software to be completed.