Bodi boost 32G VS ADATA S102 32G[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-18 21:40

  Most external hard drives currently on the market use USB2.0, but USB 3.0 external hard drives are make windows 8 recovery usb from windows 7 gradually increasing, and a lot of energy is produced.However, the most popular Phison master make windows 8 recovery usb on a mac controller has heard a lot of hushing sounds. Although the compatibility is good, 3.0 The speed of the make windows recovery usb for any windows version main control external hard drive is not fast enough, so

  The external hard drive House chose 2 different making a recovery password usb for windows 7 master 3.0external hard drive for comparison test, Bodi boost 32G (using Phison PS2215-03 master) making a windows 7 bootable usb recovery flashdrive and ADATA S102 32G (using Yincan IS916-D1).This test is limited to those with similar prices and making external hdd a recovery drive windows 10 similar levels

  external hard drive for testing.

  Test platform: Lenovo M490 USB home

  Bodi boost making windows 10 recovery usb on a mac 32G appearance

  ADATA S102 32G Appearance Picture

  ● Main control detection: worry-free chip

  Worry-free manual copy asus recovery partition to usb steps Chip is built by the external hard drive Home technical team, and is a tool specially developed microsoft creating and using a usb recovery file for the convenience of mass production friends.It has many functions such as detecting the external microsoft diagnostics and recovery toolset msdart 8.0 usb hard drive main control, flash memory, VID, PID, SN, current, whether the partition is aligned, microsoft diagnostics and recovery toolset usb download tool etc. It is an indispensable tool for mass production friends.

  Bodi boost 32G chip worry-free microsoft recovery tool formated my external hard drive screenshots

  ADATA S102 32G chip worry-free screenshots

  ● Underlying test: ATTO Disk Benchmark

  ATTO microsoft recovery tool formatted my external hard drive Disk Benchmark is a popular hard disk testing tool and one of the most important software in this microsoft recovery usb windows 8 how to use test. It is a disk/network performance testing tool produced by ATTO. The software uses a 64KB-256MB microsoft surface 32 gb windows rt recovery usb test. Packet, data packet press 0.5K, 1.0K, 2.0K to 8192KB for read and write tests separately, which microsoft surface pro 3 windows 10 recovery usb illustrates the impact of different file size ratios on disk speed.Supports read and write tests for microsoft surface pro 4 create usb recovery drive stable/burst transmission rates, suitable for read and write performance tests of conventional hard microsoft windows 7 iso to usb recovery tool disks, RAID\external drives, removable memory cards and other products. After the test is completed, missing storage space on hard drive cant recover the data is expressed in the form of a histogram.

  BOOST 32G empty disk before mass production 3 modo recovery sin botones y sin depuracion usb .0 under ATTO Disk Benchmark

  ADATA S102 32G empty disk before mass production 3.0 under ATTO Disk most powerful open source hard drive recovery software Benchmark

  BOOST 32G empty disk before mass production 3.0 under ATTO Disk Benchmark

  After mass most recommended way to recover pictures from usb production, dual-start ADATA S102 32G under ATTO Disk Benchmark

  According to the above comparison most reliable emergency recovery usb for mac sierr a test, we found an empty disk: Phison 3.The reading speed of the 0external hard drive is an absolute mount knoppix iso to recover files onn usb advantage. The reading speed is as high as 200M/S, and the writing speed is only about 3M/S slower move files to a usb from windows recovery than Yincan's.However, after mass production, the speed change of Phison is not very large, and it can move lenovo recovery partition to new hard drive still be maintained at about 45M/S.

  The reading speed is about 190M/S, but ADATA has slowed down move recovery partition to end of hard drive a lot, and can only write to 36M/S, and the reading speed is almost half, only to 43M/S.

  ● Low-level move recovery partition to usb windows 8 1 test: HD Tune Pro

  HD Tune is a disk performance diagnostic test tool.It can detect the transfer move windows recovery partition to another hard drive rate of the disk, burst data transfer rate, data access time, CPU usage, health status, temperature move windows recovery partition to different hard drive and scan the surface of the disk, etc.

  After mass production, dual-start Bodi boost 32G 3.0 HD mrchromebook bios please install a recovery usb stick Tune Pro

  After mass production, dual-launch ADATA S102 32G under HD Tune Pro

  ● Low-level test: mrchromebook seabios please install a recovery usb stick CrystalDiskMark

  CrystalDiskMark is a compact hard disk testing tool. The simple and easy-to-operate msi recovery image backup won't see usb drive interface allows you to test your storage device at any time. You can choose the size of the test msi recovery system ssd and sata hard drives storage device and the test number. The CrystalDiskMark software has passed multiple tests on the readable msi recovery with ssd and sata hard drives and writable speed to get an average Value of.

  After mass production, dual-start Bodi boost 32 multiple usb sticks for windows recovery windows 7 G 3.0 down CrystalDiskMark

  After mass production, dual-boot ADATA S102 32G under CrystalDiskMark

  my book external hard drive recover corrupted unreadable  ● Pass WIN7's own read and write test

  We pass in USB2.0, USB3.0 Write and read files respectively my computer wont start from the recovery usb to test the actual transmission effect, and transmit one 3.4GB win8 original system, and take a my external harddrive crashed how do i recover screenshot when halfway through the transmission.

  After mass production, dual-start Bodi boost 32G 3. my hard drive crashed how to recover files Read at 0

  After mass production, double-start ADATA S102 32G to read

  After mass production, my hard drive died how to recover dat a dual-start Bodi boost 32G 3.Write at 0

  After mass production, dual-start ADATA S102 32G writes

  Let's my hard drive is stuck in recovery mode summarize the data of the above test chart and make a comparison.

  Bodi boost 32G Phison PS2251-0 my hard drive wont show up mac recovery 3

  ADATA S102 32G Yincan IS916-D1 USB home

  Software test empty disk 3.Read the external drive at my harddrive reformated can i recover my photos 0

  Software test empty disk 3.Write at 0

  Software testing after mass production 3.Read at 0

  17 my hp chromebook wont read the recovery usb 8-199M/Sexternal hard drive House

  Software testing after mass production 3.Write at 0

  Win7 comes my passport external hard drive data recovery software with read test 3.0 under

  Win7 comes with write test 3.0 under

  Facts have proved: Phison 3.0 The need help creating bootable usb with recovery partition main control is still very powerful, some users may have come into contact with low-end products, need to recover data from external hard drive using TLC flash memory, the speed is not very satisfactory.The Bodi boost is a flash memory chip of need windows 8.1 recovery disk download to usb Toshiba mlc, which is very fast.We have also conducted a complete data verification, and both Bodi netgear nv+ hardware failure recover data from drives and ADATA have passed 100%. USB home

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