A free method tutorial for data recovery after formatted external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-18 21:00

  The data in the external drive is generally very important, such as papers or office documents, and how to use dell recovery media for new hard drive sometimes we will be formatted by a virus or misoperation. At this time, how to restore the data how to use dell usb recovery tool on windows 8 in the external drive, there is only one way, It is to use external hard drive data recovery software, how to use external hard drive sa new recovery drive but although there are many such software on the Internet, most of the recovery success rates are how to use hp media recovery usb in windows 7 very low, or the bad files are recovered after a fee. In fact, there are reliable softwares. Here are how to use hp recovery disk on new hard drive two free ones. Software and operation method for solving data recovery after external hard drive how to use ineo hard drive enclosure to recover dat a formatting.

  Method one, download diskgenius to recover external hard drive data

  1. First of all, how to use product key recovery on another hard drive after your external hard drive is formatted, do not do other data writing operations. At this time, how to use recovery disk on a new hard drive we insert the external hard drive first, and then open diskgenius. Here is the professional version how to use recovery usb in lenovo t430s windows 10 that can recover large files. If your The external hard drive is an H disk, we just select this how to use the dell recovery and restore usb drive external hard drive in the software, don't select the hard disk, and then click-Tools button-in the upper how to use toshiba recovery disk on new hard drive toolbar, and then click: Deleted or formatted file recovery options.

  2. Then select: Completely how to use usb recovery on hp laptop windows 10 restore this item, click to start scanning

  3. During the scanning process, you will find the formatted how to use usb to retrieve files on windows 98 files in the external hard drive. After scanning, click Preview on the files that need to be how to wd my passport external hard drive password recovery restored, and you can see if the files are correct.

  4. Then check the files that need to be restored, hp 15ay041wm 16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit click the right mouse button, click Copy to Desktop in the menu, and then wait for success, go to hp 16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit boot the desktop to see the restored files.

  Method two, FILERECOVERY to recover external hard drive

  The hp 16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit download interface of FILERECOVERY is almost the same as EasyRecovery. I don't know if it's from the same hp cd dvd usb windows 8 64 bit recovery kit company. As long as the ability to recover data is reliable, download FILERECOVERY, a truly free hp chromebook frozen in recovery mode usb won't load os software, and then install and open it, insert the external hard drive, and select the storage device hp cloud recovery download tool error writing to usb disk button as shown in the figure below.

  1. Then click continue, and then it will automatically recognize hp pavilion all in one 23 b010 usb recovery download your external hard drive, very smart

  2. Select your external hard drive, click Continue, and hp proliant gen9 uefi boot recovery usb with spp 2017 then select the option to restore formatted media to restore the accidental formatting.

  3. Then click hp recovery failed windows 8 after installing new hard drive Continue, it will automatically scan the lost data in the formatted external hard drive. After the hp recovery manager windows 7 on a new hard drive scan is successful, select the data you need to recover, click the right mouse button and click Save hp recovery partition warning this area of your hard drive As, and then save the recovered data to In other hard disk partitions.

  Summary: There are so many hp recovery usb windows 10 loops to beginning doesn't finish data software, in fact, there are few reliable ones. The two shared above are relatively good in hp usb recovery drive instructions for an hp x360 laptop actual measurement. The recovery rate of formatted external hard drive data is very high. Finally, hp usb recovery flash disk utility 2 00 rev a remember that the recovered data must not be saved again. In the external hard drive, otherwise there hp usb recovery flash disk utility for windows 7 sp45774 will be conflicts. After the recovery is complete, copy to the external hard drive uniformly.