Phison PS225107/03 master control failed mass production after shortcircuiting the main control to resume mass production success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-18 20:10

  Although the following tutorial is based on PS2251-07 as an example, ps2251-03 can also be referred recover windows 10 product key from secondary hard drive to;

  The external drive is Kingston's DTR30G2 mass production firmware. The flashing firmware is recover windows 7 product key from external hard drive broken, and there is no response on the computer. The mass production tools indicate that the device recover windows 7 product key from old hard drive can't be found. The flash chip of this external drive can't see the pins, so the online is short. recover windows 8 product key from external hard drive The flash tutorial can't be used, so we have to short the main control;

  This external hard drive can recover windows activation key 8.1 from another hard drive be mass-produced with MPALL_SORTING _ before, directly mass-produce the eD2_HV in the production recover your hard drive file when it has died tool.The ini configuration file can be mass-produced, but the speed drop is serious, before mass recovered data from external harddrive that is d production 3.Write 45M/S under 0, read 150M/S, 3 after mass production.0 Write about 28M/S and read about recovering a hard drive with hp pavilion windows 7 50M/S, so students who want to try should think carefully. After some days of mass production, there recovering data from a broken hard drive ann arbor will be some minor problems (the situation mentioned in PS), I don't know if It is related to the recovering data from a hard drive with bad sectors mode conversion using a modeconverter before mass production.(Before, there was one that was broken recovering data from external hard drive that isn& 39 with a modeconverter. Now the one that was disassembled by hand is exchanged for warranty. The recovering data from external hard drive that won& 39 chipgenius used to detect the main control and the FLASH chip is exactly the same as the one that is recovering data from external hard drive using docking station broken.).

  PS: If you are using this external hard drive, the main control is PS2251-07, and FLASH is recovering data from external hard drive with bad sectors Toshiba, it is recommended not to use ModeConverter v1.0.1.5 to start, there will be problems such recovering data from hard drive with bad boot sector as freezing when copying large files from the external drive to the computer (or the USB drive letter recovering data from mac hard drive that won& 39 is directly lost), etc.

  There are pictures and the truth:

  Important note: The following content recovering data from seagate external hard drive brainerd mn is for reference only. The solution provided here is only successful on the next external drive. recovering data from usb unix drive on windows 10 There is no guarantee that the boss's external drive can also use this method successfully, even if all recovering data from wd external hard drive on mac aspects of your device parameters seem to follow. The equipment is the same, please think twice recovering email folders from ios mail from hard drive before you act.

  The following equipment: kingston DTR30G2 (PS2251-07 master, Toshiba MLC-16K FLASH), recovering files from a dead laptop using bootable usb the following content, all carried out on this equipment:

  Because I took the time to get it in the recovering files from a hard drive thats been formated past 2 days, the timing of the picture may be a bit messy, so you will just look at it. If there recovering files from a hard drive that's been formatted are any mistakes or omissions, please add and correct them:

  1.After mass production fails, short-circuit recovering files from external drive that won't be recognized the restored 2 pins, as shown in the figure:

  In the above physical picture, there is still recovering files from hard drive that won t boot glue on the main control pins, which may not be very clear. Let's take a picture of the PS2251-07 recovering files that have been overwritten on a usb master control picture found on the official website of Phison.It should be noted that, first short-circuit recovering files to same external hard drive after formatting the 2 pins and then connect the external drive to the computer, and wait for the computer to recovering from a dead hard drive hp pavilion laptop prompt for new hardware to be mass-produced with mass production tools.If you first connect the computer recovering hard drive sata ide usb 3.0 not comoatibale and then short these 2 pins, there is no response, I have tried.If possible, it is recommended to recovering lost files on force eject hard drive mac take a USB extension cable for easy operation.Of course, if you use a USB extension cable, please recovering photos from phone screen broken no usb access try to connect it to the USB port on the back of the computer, because the extension cable may also recovering photos from phone screen broken no usb debugging cause insufficient power supply and short-circuit the problem of not identifying the external hard recovering the notebook bios using an external storage device drive. Please pay attention.

  The following is the mass production tutorial after the external hard recovering the system after the hard drive is replaced drive is recognized after short-circuiting, open the mass production tool, and start the mass production recovering to dissimilar hardware with a smaller hard drive setting:

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