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  At present, the use of external hard drive is very common. People often use external hard drive to wd elements external hard disk recovery back up, carry and transfer files.However, if you forget to perform the uninstallation process before wd elements external hard drive recover unplugging the external hard drive from the USB port, or the uninstallation process is not complete, wd elements external hard drive recovery or the external hard drive is directly unplugged from the USB port due to a mistake, it may be wd external hard disk data recovery Causes the external hard drive to be damaged, sometimes even the computer can't recognize the external wd external hard disk recovery software hard drive.If you have no previous experience in dealing with this situation, you will probably wd external hard drive data recovery think that the external drive is no longer usable and should be thrown into the trash can, but this is wd external hard drive partition recovery a pity.

  Is there a way to restore the function of the external hard drive.The answer is yes, you wd external hard drive password recovery can follow the steps below:

  Open the control panel, management tools, computer management, storage, wd external hard drive recover dat a disk management in turn, and an interface as shown in the figure will appear (the capacity of my wd external hard drive recovery software external hard drive is 120M).

  Right-click on the text "Disk 1", select "Initialize Disk", and click wd external hard drive recovery tool "OK" directly.After the initialization is completed, the status of the external hard drive becomes wd hard drive data recovery cost "online".

  Note that the lock of the external hard drive must be in the open state at this time, wd hard drive data recovery service otherwise the following prompt will appear: "Because the media is write-protected, the required *work wd hard drive data recovery software can't be completed."Home of external drive

  Right-click on the white box on the right and select wd hard drive data recovery tool "New Disk Partition" to enter the New Disk Partition . Click Next directly and select the partition wd hard drive recovery software download type (primary disk partition, extended disk partition or logical drive). Generally, select the primary wd hard drive recovery software free disk partition. Can.(Note: The following dialog boxes will appear in order, so the screen copy will wd my cloud hard drive recovery not be given here.)

  Next step-select the amount of disk space: generally use the default size.

   wd my passport hard drive recovery Next step-assign a drive letter (or not assign).

  Next step-select "Format this disk partition wd passport external drive data recovery according to the following settings" to set the formatting form (file system type, allocation unit size, wd passport external hard drive recovery volume label) (you don't need to select quick format).

  Next step-successfully complete the format wd passport hard drive data recovery .Click Finish and wait for its formatting to complete.

  After formatting is completed, the status wd portable hard drive data recovery of the external drive is displayed as "in good condition", that is, you are done.

  This repair method wd scorpio blue hard drive recovery can generally restore the external hard drive.But this repair method also has a drawback, that is, wd ultra slim hard drive recovery it can't restore the original data on the external hard drive.If the original data on the external wd usb hard disk data recovery hard drive is not very important, this method is more used.If there are very important files on the west jordan data recovery hard drive external hard drive, it must be restored. It is recommended to find a professional company.Basically, western digital 1tb hard drive recovery there are professional companies that do data recovery in major cities.

  Attachment 2: Common western digital dead hard drive recovery failures of external drives

  external hard drive~Please insert the disk into the drive~Related western digital elements hard drive recovery questions

  Cause of failure: When transferring data to the external hard drive, it is caused by changing western digital external drive data recovery the drive letter.

  Trouble phenomenon: Windows XP SP2 operating system, external hard drive is western digital external drive failure recovery Tsinghua Unisplendour OEM

  1. After inserting the external hard drive, "Removable Disk (H:)" is displayed western digital external drive file recovery in "My Computer", but "Double-click" displays "Please insert the disk into the drive (H:)"

  2. western digital external hard disk recovery Check the properties of "Removable Disk (H:)", "Used Space" and "Available Space" are both 0 bytes

   western digital external hard drive recover 3. Use the right button to "format" directly, it prompts "There is no disk in drive H, please insert western digital external hard drive recovery a disk, and then try again"

  4. In the "Disk Management" of "Computer Management", the drive letter western digital hard drive 2009 recovery "H:" can't be seen above, and "Disk 1 is removable without media" can be seen below.

  5. Reinstall western digital hard drive data recovery the driver and prompt "The can't find a software that matches your hardware better than the software western digital hard drive document recovery you have installed now."

  6. Use the ManageX tool to repair, the corresponding "format" and other western digital hard drive file recovery functional options are grayed out and unavailable; use the Iformat tool to format, the system can' western digital hard drive partition recovery t recognize the usable USB device

  Appendix 3: How to deal with "please insert the disk into the western digital hard drive password recovery drive" appears on the external hard drive

  The new external drive sent by a friend is broken: the western digital hard drive recover dat a reason is unknown.

  Afterwards, my friends also brought us the external drive.Connect to the host for western digital hard drive recovery app the first time. After the system is correctly identified, "Removable Disk" appears on my computer, western digital hard drive recovery bangalore but after double-clicking the USB drive letter, the prompt "Please insert the disk into the drive I" western digital hard drive recovery cost appears. Check the properties and capacity of the USB drive. Is 0 (as shown in the figure: fault western digital hard drive recovery mac phenomenon).Then try formatting. After trying it under the system, it still prompts "There is no disk western digital hard drive recovery service in drive I.".Please insert a disk and try again":(.There is no way to download several external hard western digital hard drive recovery software drive formatting tools on the Internet, hey~ it is still the same:(.Could it be an interface problem: western digital hard drive recovery specialists q: But my friend has tried it on several machines, let's try it with Xiaoxing's mind, and change western digital hard drive recovery tools to the front and back USB ports on the machine, but the fault has not been solved yet.I thought that western digital hard drive recovery utility the new external drive was broken: q: (wouldn't it be so "streaming": w:).Later, I found a self-proclaimed western digital internal hard drive recovery external hard drive Erasing Tool "EraseTools2".1′, I thought that it should be the same western digital laptop hard drive recovery principle as the reset tool of the hard disk, Dawn finally appeared.The use of the software is quite western digital passport hard drive recovery simple (as shown in the figure: reset tool), just connect the external drive and install the software ( western digital portable hard drive recovery if you don't connect the external drive, you can't install it), run the software and click "Start", western digital usb hard drive recovery click the YES button, The program can automatically restore the external hard drive to the initialization what does hard drive recovery cost state.As a result, after a try, haha~ the external drive was resurrected (as shown in the figure: what does hard drive recovery do troubleshooting).The matter has also been resolved.:

  Appendix 4: external hard drive, please what is a recovery usb drive insert the disk into the drive solution

  A colleague brought a external drive and inserted it into what is a recovery usb stick the USB port, the flash drive indicator light will be on, and the flash drive symbol is also displayed what is a usb recovery drive in my computer, but when I double-click it, a prompt appears: Please insert the disk into the what is a usb recovery key drive.The same prompt appears when formatting this disk.Be overwhelmed.

  Efforts to find a solution, the what is a windows recover usb solution is as follows:

  1. Right-click on My Computer, Manage-Storage-Disk Manager, you can see what is a windows recovery usb the logo representing the flash memory on the right interface, click on it, select "Create a new what is bios crisis recovery usb partition", and follow the prompts to complete the formatting and other operations , The problem is what is hard drive recovery partition expected to be solved.

  2. Download the "Star Shuttle Low-level Format Tool" to perform low-level what is hard drive recovery process formatting on the flash memory.

  external hard drive Repair Tool (PortFree Production Program 3.27) How what is hard drive recovery software to use:

  (1) Please click "OPTION" in the lower right corner of the software, and the following what is hp recovery hard drive window will appear.

  (2) Please select "Others", select "Type" —> "Removable"

  (3) Please select what is recovery hard disk drive "Capacity Adjust", select the capacity of your external hard drive here; if there is no capacity you what size usb for w10 recovery want here, please click "ADD" and fill in the capacity you need.

  (4) Please select "Flash Test" and whats a windows ten recovery usb select "Low Level Format"; there are two parameters here, one is All Blocks (it means the entire disk what's on rufus usb recovery drive in low format), and the other is Good Blocks (it means only Low-formatted blocks, this parameter when hard drive can recognized recovery is suitable for external hard drives with bad blocks)

  (5) After all selections are made according where to have hard drives recovered to the above methods, please click "OK" to save the settings, and then connect the external hard drive where to recover external hard drive to the computer, click "RUN" to start low formatting.

  The above two methods seem to be very useful, which usb is my recovery software but they are not easy to use when applied to this external hard drive.

  1. The logo representing why create a windows recovery usb flash memory can't be seen in the upper half of the right side interface, and there is but can't why is my usb called recovery be shop-clicked in the lower half, which is in vain;

  2. After pressing "RUN", the drive letter of why make a usb recovery drive the external hard drive in my computer disappeared, the light of the external hard drive did not flash, why usb recovery cannot uefi boot and the low-level formatting could not be completed.

  Many people have encountered customers who will a usb cloner recover dat a require data recovery, but they do not have a clear method. Here are some examples to explain the win 10 boot recovery usb download specific methods of external hard drive data recovery:

  Case 1: A customer requested a data recovery win 10 how make usb recovery capacity of 256M on the external hard drive. When the customer brought it, the external hard drive win 10 recovery and restore usb was connected to the computer without any response.!

  Step by step asked about the amount of data win 10 recovery only usb image in the external hard drive is about 80M, told the customer to restore 100 yuan per M data, because the win 10 recovery usb creation time CAD drawings used in the project are very important, the customer readily agreed, and the engineer win 10 recovery usb not working solved the problem according to the following ideas:

  1. Disassembling the external hard drive win 10 reinstall usb boot recovery because it is a package, the customer requires only the data, so the shell does not need to be considered. win 10 usb boot drive recovery After disassembling, the main control using I5062 is as follows:

  (1) Power supply: Check that win 7 recovery and restore usb the main power supply voltage of VCC is normal (VCC=3V power supply is the key voltage for whether win 7 recovery disk usb download the external hard drive works)

  (2) Clock: by measuring the clock crystal oscillator two feet have 0 win 7 starter recovery usb stick .With a voltage of about 8V, it is preliminarily judged that the clock circuit is normal, and the win 8 1 create recovery usb crystal oscillator is replaced by the substitution method. The fault remains (the clock signal is an win 8 1 recovery usb download inevitable condition for the main control work)

  (3) Communication: Through the measurement of the win 8.1 recovery disc on usb above two points, it is preliminarily judged that the power supply and clock are normal, mainly to win10 will not make recovery usb check whether the communication line is normal, and the line from D+ and D- to the main control is also wind refurbished recovery partition to usb normal.!

  (4) Through the measurement of the above points, it can be preliminarily judged that all winddos usb bootable utility recover deleted the working conditions of the main control are available, and the rest is the main control problem.I window 7 password recovery tool usb believe that everyone will replace the main control to achieve the purpose of data recovery, but windows 10 32 bit recovery usb we have told you through many years of experience that it is wrong, because the external hard drive windows 10 64 bit recovery usb main control chip has a control program inside, and when a new main control is replaced, the FLASH windows 10 64 bit usb recovery will not be performed. To identify and control, you must go through the initial use of mass production windows 10 bitlocker recovery key usb tools, but this will destroy the internally stored data in FLASH.!According to our many years of windows 10 black screen usb recovery experience, most of the main control damage is caused by the leakage of the internal DC-DC converter, windows 10 boot from recovery usb which causes the low internal power supply voltage of the main control to cause non-operation. The windows 10 boot recovery tool usb solution is as follows: remove the 3V regulator tube of the external hard drive, Connect an external windows 10 boot recovery usb drive adjustable power supply to its 3V output terminal to adjust the voltage to 3V, with 0.Increase the windows 10 boot to recovery usb voltage in the 1V way, and stop applying the voltage when the external hard drive can be recognized windows 10 bootable recovery usb download normally, so that the data of the external hard drive can be read out.The principle is that because windows 10 bootable recovery usb size the internal DC-DC converter of the main control is leaking, the normal VCC=3V voltage can't meet the windows 10 bootable recovery usb tool main control work. At this time, the power supply voltage can be adjusted artificially to compensate windows 10 bootable usb for recovery for the leakage loss.!When I adjust the voltage to 3.The computer can recognize it normally at 4V, windows 10 bootable usb recovery drive and quickly copy and save the data in the external hard drive. 800 yuan is in hand, it's simple, windows 10 cannot create recovery usb hehe, technology is the first productivity.!

  Case 2: A customer brought a external drive and internal windows 10 create a usb recovery financial statements. Since no one dared to take the job in many maintenance departments, the windows 10 create bootable recovery usb customer directly offered a price of 1,000 yuan and asked for the data to be restored as a whole. The windows 10 create bootable usb recovery external drive was recognized as a disk phenomenon. , But it prompts "Please format the external hard windows 10 create recovery disk usb drive" when opening!I believe everyone feels very difficult for this problem, because it can be windows 10 create recovery media usb completely judged that there is no problem with the external hard drive hardware, most of which are windows 10 create recovery usb disk software problems, but the external hard drive can't be formatted. What should I do.Specific solution: windows 10 create recovery usb drive Our engineers first remove the FLASH of the external hard drive to protect the data, and re-install windows 10 create recovery usb error a FLASH of the same model. After connecting to the computer, it still prompts that it needs to be windows 10 create recovery usb failed formatted. Because there is no data in the new FLASH, it can be normal after formatting. To access the windows 10 create recovery usb size data, but changing to the FLASH with data will prompt the need to format, so our method is to connect windows 10 create recovery usb slow the external hard drive to the computer without installing FLASH, and the system prompts to format. windows 10 create recovery usb stick After formatting the external hard drive itself, look in the properties When the capacity is 16KB, windows 10 create recovery usb time the FLASH with data is loaded, and it is connected to the computer, and the system is formatted windows 10 create system recovery usb without prompting, and the internal data is read out smoothly!The repair is complete,

  external hard windows 10 create usb recovery disk drive Burning Repair (PortFree Production Program) v3.27 Green Chinese Version + Graphical Tutorial: windows 10 create usb recovery drive

  external hard drive repair skills: