How to fix it displays Unable to stop universal volume device when I unplug the external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-18 19:50

  When you safely delete the external hard drive, you often encounter the prompt "Unable to stop dell recovery and restore usb not working the'Universal Volume' device, please stop the device later."

  Can I forcibly unplug the external drive dell recovery and restore usb windows 10 in this case.Of course not!If you unplug it forcibly at this time, it is easy to damage the computer dell recovery disk different brand hard drive U port or your external hard drive.If you have important data on your external drive, it is likely dell recovery form a usb recovery stick to be destroyed.So what should I do?

  Here I write several common solutions, I hope to help you.

  dell recovery usb 8 07 partition 1  The first method (this is also the most commonly used method I suggest you all):

  Often when we dell recovery usb 8 1 in spanish take out files or data from the external drive, we always use the "copy" and "paste" methods, and if dell recovery usb flash drive windows 8 the file on the external drive is copied, the file will always be placed on the clipboard of the system. dell recovery usb for windows 7 recovery , In a standby state.And if we want to delete the external hard drive in this case, the above dell recovery usb how to optiplex 980 prompt that the external hard drive can't be stopped will appear.

  The corresponding solution is: clear dell recovery usb selected boot device failed your clipboard, or just copy a file and paste it on your hard disk. At this time, you can delete dell recovery usb to bypass bios password the prompt of the external drive to see if it is deleted smoothly.?

  The second method:

  If you dell recovery usb windows 10 not working think the above method is not valid, you can use the following method:

  Press the keyboard "Ctrl" + " dell recovery usb windows 10 write protected Alt" + "Del" key combination at the same time, then the "Task Manager" window will appear, click the dell recovery windows 10 new hard drive "Process" tab, and look for "rundll32" in the "Image name".exe" process, select "rundll32.exe" dell request for windows 10 usb recovery process, and then click "End Process", then a task manager warning will pop up, asking you to confirm dell server password changed no recover usb whether to close this process, click "Yes" to close "rundll32".exe" process.Then delete the external dell updater package dell usb recovery tool hard drive and you can delete it normally.

  Please note when using this method: if there are multiple dell usb recovery tool fails to install "rundll32.exe" process, multiple "rundll32."exe" process all closed.

  This method is also with the dell usb recovery tool for windows 7 help of the task manager, press the keyboard "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" key combination at the same dell usb recovery tool install or extract time, the "task manager" window appears, click "process", look for "EXPLORER".EXE" process and end it. dell wd hard drive delete recovery partition At this time you will find that your desktop is missing, please don't panic, continue with the following dell win 10 cannot create recovery usb operations, in the task manager, click "File"-"New Task"-enter EXPLORER.EXE-OK.Then delete the dell windows 10 pro os recovery usb external hard drive, you will find that it can be safely deleted.

  The fourth method:

  This method dell windows 10 recovery media usb stick is the easiest, but the most time-consuming, that is, restart your computer.

  If you think it is a dell windows 10 recovery usb not working bit troublesome to solve the problem when a problem occurs, you can take the following precautionary dell windows 10 startup and recovery usb measures in advance:

  Turn off the preview function of the system.

  Method: Double-click My dell windows 10 update with recovery usb Computer-Tools-Folder Options-General-Tasks-use windows traditional style folders, and then click OK.It' dell windows 8 1 recovery media usb s done once and for all.

  Tips: At present, the technology of some external hard drives is in place, dell xps 400 recovery usb windows 10 and some external hard drives can be directly plugged in and unplugged.But no matter how good the dell xps 9350 rstore using usb recover external drive is, there is a time when it is absolutely impossible to plug in or unplug it directly, descargar controlador para apple recovery iboot usb that is, carefully look at the small red light on your external drive. When the small light flashes desktop hard drive crashed no recovery disk continuously, it means that you are reading and writing data continuously. Do not pull out at this device to recover data from hard drive time, otherwise the data will be damaged, and the external hard drive will be scrapped.