How to make the external hard drive in ExFAT or NTFS format and support UEFI and BIOS boot[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-18 19:10

  In order to avoid misunderstandings, first declare: ①This method is to solve the problem of UEFI recover files from fried hard drive boot support when the external hard drive uses ExFAT or NTFS format, and to improve the boot success recover files from frozen hard drive rate.Not for "hiding", the "hiding" and "revealing" mentioned in it are only for the Windows Explorer recover files from hard drive failure to recognize the second partition of the external hard drive and perform read and write recover files from hard drive formatted operations.②Introduce only one method of BIOS/UEFI dual boot, and does not involve "technology".If you insist recover files from hard drive free on technology, it is the UEFI standard technology.According to the technical standard of EFI boot, recover files from hard drive freeware it can identify and read the external hard drive partition that is not recognized by Windows recover files from hard drive linux Explorer.

  Bought a 32G support USB3.0 interface external hard drive.I found a problem after I started UEFI: recover files from hard drive osx it supports UEFI boot, the external hard drive has to use FAT32 format, but the x86 and x64 integration recover files from hard drive pasaden a package of Win8 is larger than 4G and can't be stored in the external hard drive.ExFAT and NTFS recover files from hard drive problems disk formats support large files, but do not support UEFI boot.

  After checking the data, UEFI recover files from hard drive reddit supports booting with hidden partitions, and according to the experience of masters, FAT16 format and recover files from hard drive redit "high-end hidden" can improve UEFI boot compatibility.So try to divide the external hard drive into recover files from hard drive ubuntu 2 areas. The first partition uses ExFAT format, which is used for BIOS booting and storage of file recover files from hard drive usb data; the latter uses FAT16 format, which is dedicated to UEFI booting.

  Because the UEFI boot partition recover files from hard drive utah is the second partition of the external hard drive, under normal circumstances, Windows only recover files from hard drive windows recognizes the first partition of the flash disk (Flash Disk), so in the "Explorer (My Computer)" you recover files from hp hard drive can not see the back of the external hard drive FAT16 partition.Therefore, after UEFI PE (RamOS) is recover files from imac hard drive started, it can't recognize and manage the FAT16 partition.The FAT16 partition can't hold these recover files from inaccessible hard drive external programs of the PE, but it doesn't matter. The external programs are placed in the ExFAT partition recover files from internal hard drive and share the external programs with the PE started by the BIOS.

  There must be experts who will recover files from kingston usb drive say that it is not safe to put PE and external devices in the visible area, but I don't think there recover files from laptop hard drive is any problem.First, the external hard drive is for personal use, and it is seldom borrowed (a few recover files from linux hard drive tens of dollars, people with a computer can afford it), and second, now the virus (trojan) aims to recover files from locked hard drive "make money" and will not deliberately damage the computer system ( Because the user reinstalling recover files from mac hard drive the system may not be a good thing for the Trojan owner).Therefore, in the past few years, I have not recover files from mac usb drive tossed about "hidden" like a forum expert. I used the Diskpart component of Win7/8 to make U-boots recover files from macbook hard drive (because the Diskpart partition will automatically perform 4K alignment and write to the NT6 of MS.x recover files from mcafee encrypted usb MBR, you can also set the "family" parameter, which helps to increase the speed of copying large recover files from mcafee frp usb files, the key is that MS's MBR compatibility is still quite good)

  This method uses 2 software:

  Diskgenius recover files from media recovery usb and bootice, click the name to download the free version of this site.

  The specific recover files from network hard drive production method is introduced as follows:

  1. Divide the external hard drive into 2 areas

  Back up the recover files from non readable usb data on the external hard drive first.Run diskgenius free version, click on the target external recover files from old hard drive hard drive, and back up the partition table of the external hard drive (it is recommended to develop a recover files from osx hard drive backup habit).Adjust the external hard drive partition, leave 1~2G free space in the back (the size recover files from overwritten hard drive depends on the size of your UEFI boot file), create a new primary partition in the free space, and recover files from partitioned hard drive choose FAT16 format.You can also delete all partitions of the external hard drive and repartition.

  recover files from pc hard drive  2. Format the first partition in ExFAT format and copy the BIOS startup file.

  Format the external recover files from portable hard drive hard drive in ExFAT format in "Explorer (My Computer)".Copy into the BIOS startup file.

  3. Display recover files from raw external drive the FAT16 partition and copy in the UEFI boot file

  Run bootice, select the target external hard recover files from raw hard drive drive, click "Partition Management" to enter the partition operation interface.Hide the first area ( recover files from raw usb drive ExFAT area) first, and then show the second area (FAT16 area).In this way, the FAT16 area can be recover files from raw usb stick managed in "Explorer (My Computer)".Copy in UEFI boot file.

  4. Show ExFAT partition and hide UEFI boot recover files from reimaged hard drive partition (FAT16 area)

  In the "Partition Management" interface of bootice, hide the FAT16 area ( recover files from replace hard drive the second area), and then show the first area (ExFAT area).Close and exit the "Partition Management" recover files from replaced hard drive interface.

  By the way, see if the "Master Boot Record" of the external hard drive is Nt6.x recover files from sata hard drive (bootmgr), if not, change back to NT6.MBR of x.Of course, MBR can also use other ones, depending on your recover files from seagate hard drive visible area PE needs.

  Choose to NT5.X/6.X MBR point to install.

  At this point, your external recover files from toshiba hard drive hard drive supports UEFI and BIOS booting. In fact, it is very simple to implement. Please do your best recover files from transcend hard drive to make your external hard drive more compatible.