Install the nonGHOST version of the installation version of windows 117 under Win11 PE[Win11 Solutions]

41 2021-08-18 18:40

  Everyone is not too unfamiliar with Win PE, right.!Have you tried Win7 PE.!

  I used to install the corrupt file recovery mac usb free GHOST version, right.!Why don't you try to install the original version today?!

  Preparation corrupt hard drive data recovery software tools:

  Click to enter to download UltraISO: [Used for Win7 PE.iso write external hard drive tool], this corrupt hard drive recovery free reddit commonly used tool!

  Win7PE-CN.iso: [Win7 PE system image download as much as possible!], RAR is corrupt hard drive recovery software mac about 212MB and the decompressed iso is about 218MB!

  Windows7 iso original system image: [Use 32-bit corrupt hard drive recovery toms hardware or 64-bit according to your preference!] Windows_7 x64 Setup.iso is about 2.98 GB !

  Now we are corrupt usb repair software free download going to write Win7 PE to the external hard drive, the steps to do are very simple!

  Open the UltraISO corrupted external hard drive recover files file as shown in the interface-Open-select the location of the iso image file of Win7 PE "Open"! corrupted external hard drive recovery mac

  After opening Win7 PE, execute the startup as shown in the figure above-"write hard disk image" corrupted external hard drive recovery software and then select the external hard drive as shown in the figure below and execute the "write" corrupted folders in hard drive recovery operation!

  When the operation of Win7PE writing to the external hard drive is completed, the Windows_7 x64 corrupted hard drive data recovery software Setup that we have just prepared.Copy the iso image directly to the external hard drive!

  certainly!If corrupted hard drive recovery software free it is to help this machine install Windows7, then set Windows_7 x64 Setup.You don't have to put corrupted usb flash drive data recovery the iso on the local hard drive!

  Okay, then we restart to enter Win7 PE!I press "F11" to select corrupted usb flash drive file recovery external hard drive to boot in!The start button of each motherboard is different!Figure it out for corrupted usb flash drive recovery mac yourself!

  After entering Win7 PE, we double-click to open Windows_7 x64 Setup.iso loads it as a CD-ROM corrupted usb flash drive recovery software drive, because doing so is better than decompressing 2.98G iso is much easier!

  As shown in the corrupted usb recovery software free download figure, Windows_7 x64 Setup.iso loaded as a CD-ROM drive:

  Press OK to load directly as a CD-ROM corsair lighting node pro usb recovery drive!

  At this time, there is an extra CD drive on the computer, you can understand it as a Windows cost data recovery hard drive cost 7 CD!

  Next, we open the NT6 quick installer v1 that comes with Win7 PE.1

  Start-All Programs-NT6 cost of data recovery from usb Quick Installer v1.1

  Next, please see the prompt on the NT6 installer!Open the file named install. cost of external hard drive recovery wim's file!It's in the Sources directory on the virtual CD-ROM drive we just loaded!

  Click "Open", cost to recover crashed hard drive select the "Sources" directory on the CD-ROM drive and select "install.Wim" Click "Open (o)" as shown cost to recover dead hard drive in the figure:

  Now set the installation partition as the C drive, and select the "C" drive from cost to recover external hard drive the drop-down selection menu!Tick the format option!The boot partition also selects the "C" drive!

cost to recover failed hard drive   The last step is to click to start the installation!After installation, restart and enter the system cost to recover hard drive seagate to continue to complete the setup!

  All right!So far, the introduction of installing the original cost to recover laptop hard drive system with Win7 PE is complete.!This method is mainly suitable for installing the newly installed crashed external hard drive recovery software system to the new hard disk without CD!

  In addition, Win7 PE also comes with a wealth of maintenance crashed hard drive data recovery software tools, such as hard disk partitions, partition capacity integer calculator, ADSL viewer, boot crashed hard drive recovery oklahoma city repair, one-click GHOST11.0.2 wait!