How to hide the multipartition boot disk of the external hard drive under Win11[Win11 Solutions]

60 2021-08-18 18:20

  After we use the external hard drive boot disk creation tool to make the boot disk, the external solid state hard drive data recovery software hard drive is actually partitioned. The boot disk winpe etc. are all put into the hidden partition. sony external hard disk data recovery software The advantage of this is that you are not afraid of being deleted or damaged by viruses. It is easy sony usb flash drive recovery tool download to have problems with the external hard drive having the function of the boot disk, and if you upgrade sony vaio copy recovery partition to usb to the 1703 version of win10, these hidden external hard drive partitions will all be displayed, sony vaio laptop boot to usb recovery as shown below

  The reason is that when we were doing high-end hidden booting of the external hard sony vaio recovery disk new hard drive drive, we used the vulnerability that only the first partition item of the external hard drive was sony vaio recovery partition new hard drive displayed under the win system.So put the hidden partition in the next three partitions (except for the sony vaio windows 10 usb recovery drive UD partition).Now the 1703 version of win10 supports the reading of the four partition table entries sp usb flash drive recovery software download of the external hard drive, so it is hidden and displayed.

  So is there a way to keep them hidden.It space needed on usb windows recovery drive will not be displayed on computers lower than this version of win10, but now win10 is becoming sseaateexternal hard drive won't mount recover dat a more and more popular, if you still use the previous hidden method to start the external hard drive start recovery from usb using wim file in the future, it will not be applicable. Some people say that you can use the system's disk management start up with recovery usb on windows to delete These boot partitions can be hidden by the drive letter. The actual test is indeed stellar phoenix mac data recovery bootable usb possible. It is equivalent to deleting the drive letter entry. Of course, these external hard drive store recover hard drive data casselberry florid a partitions will not be visible, but if you plug in other win10 computers, these partitions will be stores that can help recover my usb displayed again. So this method is not perfect, so what is the perfect method?Let me tell you:

  That is stuck in recovery usb debugging not enabled to use the bootice tool to achieve

  When we made the external hard drive boot hide, we just ignored supportassist os recovery usb from another computer the definition of the hidden partition identifier in the Microsoft partition table entry.For example, surface book recovery usb from another computer if the FAT32 partition identification is 0C, then the hidden representation is 1C; the NTFS surface hard drive wiped how to recover partition identification is 07, then the hidden identification is 17.Others may be illegal signs. For surface pro 3 boot from recovery usb hidden partitions with illegal signs, such as EF, after win10 is started, it will be displayed as normal surface pro 3 recovery drive from usb partitions.

  Therefore, as long as the logo of the ESP partition is changed to standard 1C or 1B surface pro 3 recovery usb not working when making the USB boot disk, it will meet the hiding conditions under win10, and the external drive surface pro 3 recovery usb windows 10 can be booted again.

  You can use the bootice tool to directly change the partition ID or change surface pro 3 usb recovery drive download the partition parameters under Diskgen or hide the partition directly on the prepared external hard surface pro 4 boot from recovery usb drive.

  After modifying with the above method, we can see in the system's built-in disk manager surface pro 4 boot from usb recovery that the boot partition of the external hard drive has become a state where the drive letter can't be surface pro 4 windows 10 recovery usb assigned again. This time it is truly hidden, regardless of whether it is inserted. Which system surface pro directions for creating usb recovery computer will not be displayed.

  Summary: If you use the previous method to make the external hard drive surface pro doesnt boot from recovery usb boot disk, it is very likely that the boot partition will be displayed under the new win10 system, surface pro image recovery usb won't work which is not conducive to the safety of the boot disk. The real one can be achieved by using the surface pro restore from usb recovery drive above method. Hide external hard drive Multi-Partition.