How to install Win11 system and Win11 system tutorial summary on How to install system with external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-18 18:00

  Many friends want to try the latest Windows7 system, but they are not willing to give up WindowsXP. file recovery can't see usb devices How to solve this problem.It is a good way to install win7 and XP dual system.Below the author file recovery dead external hard drive summarizes several graphic tutorials for win7 and XP dual system installation, I hope it will be helpful file recovery external hard drive mac to everyone.

  XP and windows7 dual systems are divided into three or two situations, I believe file recovery for corrupted usb stick there must be a suitable solution for you.Our goal is: Let Win7+XP coexist harmoniously!

  details as file recovery for reformatted hard drive follows:

  Case 1: Install xp under win7 system

  Situation two: install win7 under xp system

  Situation file recovery from broken hard drive 3: The best solution-independent dual system installation

  Case 1: Install xp under win7 system file recovery from dead hard drive (including 2 methods of traditional slow installation and ghost installation method):

  I believe file recovery from failed hard drive that many users who bought a new computer have pre-installed Win7 operating system. They are not file recovery from failing hard drive used to it and uncomfortable. They want to use the XP system, but are reluctant to leave the factory file recovery from hard drive free genuine windows7, so they need to install the XP dual system under Win7.

  First, you need to prepare file recovery from imac hard drive a primary partition for installing XP system.It is recommended to create with Disk Manager in Win7 file recovery from old hard drive system.For example, we choose to create an H disk.

  Right click on the computer--management--disk file recovery from usb thumb drive management--

  Then use the mouse to click a disk partition (if there are other options, it is not file recovery off 2.5 hard drive recommended to create a new partition from the system disk), and select "Shrink Volume" in the pop-up file recovery on crashed hard drive menu.

  A reminder box will pop up to indicate that the user's system is acquiring space that can be file recovery software broken hard drive compressed.

  The reminder message in the above figure says "Query the volume to obtain the available file recovery software damaged hard drive compact space", in fact, the system is detecting that there is still a large space in the current file recovery software run from usb partition that can be divided by the user, and the user is allowed to create a new disk partition.

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