How to use external hard drive regenerator to repair bad sectors external hard drive tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-18 17:00

  Hard disk regenerator is really a good thing.The hard disk of this computer is broken, 03pe can't windows recovery usb cant find installation of windows be started, win8pe can't be started, and linuxpe can't be started either.Even starting diskgenuis is windows recovery usb system drive is too small stuck on the startup interface.I still used the hard disk regenerator to repair the hard disk in 5 windows says not to booting from recovery usb or 6 hours. The repair tutorial will be introduced in detail below.

  Let's see how to adjust the windows server 2012 bare metal recovery external drive bios.

  No matter which model, fast bios mode must be changed to disabled

  AHCI mode, choose auto windows surface pad pro 3 recovery usb download without moving.If you use mhdd or hard disk repair tool to test, you need to change to ide mode or turn windows vista recovery usb download 32 bit free off ahci.

  Most people in the front can do it, but after adjusting f10, save and restart, press f1 windows vista system recovery load drivers hard disk 0 and there is still no USB drive letter, you must change the first item in the boot

  After finishing, windows will not boot from recovery usb drive press f10 to exit and restart, you don't need to press anything, and start from the external hard windows wont boot recover or boot from usb drive by yourself.

  I thought it was all right, but it turned out.Unable to enter pe after booting windows xp password recovery tool free usb boot from the external hard drive, the screen will go black after waiting for the scroll bar to turn for windows xp recovery console cannot find hard drive a long time!!Use CD, restart after automatic blue screen, what's going on?The first reaction is windows xp recovery console on usb flash drive that the hard drive is broken.Change the hard disk parameters, test.

  Turn off the ahci mode of the windows10 recovery usb 64 bit for unbootable pc hard disk, and plug in the bootable external drive after restarting. I use ultraiso tool to make the windwos 10 recovering from a dead hard drive HDD Regenerator into the external drive to make a startup disk.

  I also made the MHDD hard disk wiped hard drive except local disc c recover repair tool into the external hard drive before, who knows that the hard disk can't be found after wyred 4 sound recovery usb reclocker for sale entering it!The failure is as shown below:

  The point is here, boot from the external hard drive directly xbox 360 hard drive incomplete can i recover into the hard disk regenerator HDDREG;

  After entering, you can see that the first one is my 8g xbox external hard drive failure can data recovery external hard drive, the second one is the computer hard disk, choose 2

  Not long-winded, just choose yodot hard drive recovery 3 0 serial key 2

  At that time, I chose 2 and wanted to see if there are bad sectors first. The result was 0.A youtube how to recover data from hard drive big red B in 5% of the places, surprised, there are bad sectors on the computer hard drive for a youtube usb recovery media to install microsoft windows month!Return to choose 1, repair, to 0.There is a pause at 5%, and R is displayed, and the description zte blade spark recovering files no usb debugging is that the hard disk has been repaired.hoho, really awesome!

  Check it again, it passed smoothly, скачать утилиту adata usb flash drive online recovery there is no problem at all.

  OK .It's done, the hard disk repair is complete, and the system is 10 recovery usb drive new hard drive installed and everything goes well.