external hard drive optimized for fast deletion | optimized for performance difference and speed impact test[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-18 16:50

  If you often use mobile storage devices such as external hard drives, mobile hard drives, etc., you software to recover wiped hard drive may encounter situations where they can't be ejected safely, and you need to restart Explorer.exe software to retrieve files from usb process, or with the help of software such as Unlocker, can be safely deleted, as shown in the figure solid state drive hardware recovery tool below.

  The solution is generally like this. Many articles on system optimization generally mention solid state hard drive data recovery it. It is recommended that we check the "better performance" item in the device properties.For sony data recovery without usb debugging mobile storage devices, the default option of the system is "Quick Delete", you don't need to click the sony external hard disk recovery software safe pop-up icon in the lower right corner, you can unplug it directly as long as the file is sony external hard drive recovery software copied.Most people don't believe it, but I believe I chose "better performance", at least it feels sony recovery disk new hard drive faster.(Translated under XP is "optimized for fast deletion" and "optimized for improved performance") as sony usb flash drive online recovery shown below:

  The author also chose "better performance" in the past. Recently, I often use external sony usb flash drive recovery tool drives, and occasionally the external drive can't be ejected safely. I am very distressed. In a sony vaio create recovery media usb fit of anger, I changed the device properties to "Optimization Delete". After using for a period of sony vaio hard drive data recovery time, I found that the performance has not decreased compared with before. What's more important is sony vaio hard drive failure recovery that you can directly unplug the external hard drive after the files are copied, which is very sony vaio laptop hard drive recovery convenient.

  Today I have nothing to do. I spent a few hours doing a test. The two modes of "better sony vaio not seeing recovery usb performance" and "quick delete" were tested. The results show everything.The graphic test is given below: sony vaio recovery external hard drive

  1. Hitachi 2.5 inch hard disk + hard disk box of unknown brand;

  2. Kingmax external hard drive sony vaio recovery new hard drive (the specific model is unknown);

  3. Kingston external hard drive (DateTarveler 2.0).

  Second, the sony vaio recovery usb windows 7 test file

  Windows 7 Ultimate

  ATTO Disk Benchmark

  Four, test results

  1. ATTO Disk Benchmark: sony vaio recovery usb windows 8

  120G mobile hard disk speed impact test:

  Better performance: Quick delete:

  ATTO of 4G external sony vaio windows 10 recovery usb hard drive Speed Impact Test:

  Better performance: Quick delete:

  120G mobile hard disk speed sony vaio windows 7 recovery usb impact test:

  Better performance:

  Fastcopy of 4G external hard drive Speed Impact Test:

  Better sony vaio windows 8 recovery usb performance:

  Five, test summary

  1. ATTO Disk Benchmark theoretical test: no obvious gap.

  2. sp usb flash drive recovery software FastCopy actual test:

  For a single large file, the "better performance" mode has a slight advantage, ssd external hard drive data recovery the performance of the two modes is equivalent, and the actual application should not feel the ssd hard drive data recovery software difference;

  For multiple small and fragmented files, the external hard drive uses the "better performance" st louis hard drive data recovery mode, but the performance decreases; the mobile hard disk uses "better performance" to greatly start surface with usb recovery drive improve.

  The above conclusions can be drawn: For mobile storage devices such as external hard drives starting computer with usb recovery disc and other flash media, use the system default "Quick Delete" mode; for mobile hard disks, use the " stellar hard drive recovery software reviews Better Performance" mode for better performance. When it comes to files, the advantage is greater.Since stellar phoenix external hard drive recovery the author uses more external hard drives, I choose to delete them quickly here.You can deal with stellar phoenix hard drive recovery software it according to your own situation.